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We transitioned from our condo built for two to our little house built for three (and more, but not anytime soon—please!) when I was about 8 months pregnant. I was VERY pregnant and by VERY I mean with a huge ball of a belly and clearly very hormonal, easily tired. I tried my very best to see the good in the whole process of moving, I kept telling myself “This is good exercise Patty! You can do it!” and “All this is for the baby! It’ll be worth it!!” but in reality I was panting heavily throughout the whole move. We were moving our stuff box by box, overseeing major renovations and of course trying to make sure that our house was fully functioning before I popped. It was sooooo tiring!!! One of the BIGGEST life savers for me back then was the Abenson One Day Move In service. I wanted to write about my experience months ago especially after we moved into our new house—I’m glad I FINALLY locked down some time to post about it because I really feel it’s worth sharing! We got most of our appliances from Abenson and they pretty much helped us make our home livable! They took care of delivery and installation and it was such a breeze coordinating with them. Okay, first of all–think of the CONVENIENCE! Imagine the time, money and headaches you’ll save—especially the possible lovers’ quarrels you can spare yourself from thanks to this service. And it’s really hard to beat the one day move in promise! As long as payment is completed and the delivery office can accommodate your orders, they will go out of their way to deliver and set it up in your own home within the 24 hour period. I honestly thought it was just a tagline as it seemed too good to be true at first, but hey, they lived up to the promise 🙂 I asked for more details about the program from the folks at Abenson and here’s a nutshell explanation from their end:)

Whether you’re a yuppie with your first studio, a newly-wed couple building your love nest, or longtime life partners finally getting your dream house, moving in to a new home is a highly-anticipated major milestone. But between choosing the right appliances for your needs, having them delivered to your new home, and installing them to your space’s specifications, this happy occasion can easily turn into a stressful production. Good thing you can always find a helping hand in Abenson and its latest offering, Abenson One Day Move In.

With the amount of time, effort, and resources is invested in creating your ideal living space, making sure that you’re getting the best is essential. With Abenson, you are guaranteed to have access to a wide variety of quality appliances that fit your lifestyle, space, and budget. And this time, sprucing up your just turned-over condo or newly-upgraded family home just got even easier with One Day Move In.

Ideal for new places and renovated spaces alike, One Day Move In offers personalized solutions to help you make your move. From planning according to your layout specifications, giving customized product recommendations, and coordinating delivery and installation of your selections, Abenson’s professional Move In Specialists will walk you through the process from start to finish. And the best part? After you’ve chosen appliances that suit your needs, Abenson will also take care of making sure that the delivery and installation is completed in just one day—just say when!

Big changes can easily become overwhelming, but not when you have the right resources at hand. Whether you’re starting anew or moving from good to great, Abenson’s One Day Move In will help you make the transition completely hassle-free. Just show us your layout so we can guide you through choosing the right appliances for your needs, pick your move in date, and we’ll take care of the rest. Turn your house into a home sweet home—all it takes is one day.

Make us part of your big move! Avail of the One Day Move In service from Abenson for a hassle-free moving day. Visit or contact us through (02) 921-0888 and

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