Oster Kitchen Conversations with Sinfully Sabrina

After a very stressful week (I find that I’ve been having more and more of this type of weeks lately–note to self: MUST SLOW DOWN!), I was so excited for my Saturday session with my girlfriends. We’ve been planning this special cooking party for weeks now to officially kick off Sab’s blog: SINFULLY SABRINA. Because I knew we were going to spend the whole day with food, I decided to just skip breakfast to make room for the whole day chibugan. So yesterday morning, I was busy getting dressed and super excited to leave the condo—I saw Patrick munching on chocolates at 9am. I  teased him “Ewwww..junk food in the morning?!!” and he answered back “Ehhhhh…kasi..wala naming ulam!” HAHAHA! Kawawa asawa ko! I completely forgot to prepare breakfast because I was just so excited to leave already. hahaha 🙂 Anyway, I promise that’ll all change soon because I’m now so inspired to prepare more mean meals thanks to Sab’s teachings. 

Sabrina Cristobal-Go is a working mom and home cook. Her blog www.sinfullysabrina.com is basically a collection of her tried and tested home cooked meals with easy to follow recipes. Whenever I’m trying to experiment in the kitchen (or if I’m just feeling hungry and want to drool over food pictures), I always drop by her blog for inspiration. I love that her blog is very genuine and honest, nothing too frilly or pretentious that would put off a newbie cook like me. It’s actually just how Sab is in real life. So girls, if you’re looking for a recipe blog to inject some creativity into your home cooking, you now know what to type in your cache. 🙂 And please check out THIS recipe, I have been seriously dreaming about Sab’s Bacon Chocolate Chip cookies since last night. Gaaaaaah.

On a more personal note, I’m actually so happy to support Sab’s blog because we go waaaaay back! She was a classmate of mine in high school and we have a lot of fond memories together. She’s always been a sweetheart and hasn’t changed one bit. I remember back in high school all the guys were totally crushing on her, but she always remained very sweet and unfazed by all the attention. It was also one of our batchmates from DLSZ, Sieg, who was lucky enough to win her over and they’ve been together ever since! Sab shares that preparing meals for her husband and their son Sancho makes cooking even more fun and enjoyable. Sige na nga, gagalingan ko na rin magluto for Patrick!!! Bibili na nga ako ng red, green, and yellow bell peppers mamaya para sosyal din dishes ko! Hehehehe 🙂 🙂

To celebrate the rebirth of SINFULLY SABRINA, we collaborated with OSTER PHILIPPINES for a fun Saturday cooking session with our girlfriends Aby, Kathleen, Monica, Kat, and Joei. We spent the whole day cooking, eating, laughing, eating, and eating and eating! We made so much noise yesterday!Sorrrryyyyy…Hahahaha! Thank you again to Joanne and the OSTER team for allowing us to raid your kitchen yet again and for letting us use all your OSTER products! I’ve been a fan of the OSTER line for quite some time now (almost all my major kitchen appliances are from them!) but I still have a few on my wish list—like that super blender we used for the Basil Calamansi Slush and their Panini Grill.  Their products are perfect for home cooks because it’s very user-friendly and well priced too. Thank you also to my dear little sister, Kathleen Penaranda, for the beautiful table setting for our ladies brunch! She can work on birthday parties and intimate gatherings, so just email me if you’d like me to hook you up with Kathleen. I have a ton of photos to share with you, so feel free to scroll down 🙂 

And thank you OSTER PHILIPPINES for another fun KITCHEN CONVERSATIONS session and for our surprise gifts too!!! Weeeee!!!

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  1. This was so much fun Patty and Sab! Let’s do this again soon with the same bunch, different theme. Naks may theme pa! Feeling domesticated na talaga ako, nag apron lang. Haha! But seriously, thank you for this fun, fun afternoon! <3