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Yesterday I broke out. It’s that time of the month again and when my “red days” come, the mood swings, intense salty-sweet food cravings, and ACNE have a little fiesta in Pattyville. Instead of absorbing the negativity, I decided to be proactive about it. Pimples come and go and it’s natural to feel stressed (and depressed) about it. Having a zit (or zits) can really dampen your spirit, it can cause you to feel insecure and uncomfortable. For my line of work, it’s really difficult because I’m indirectly paid to meet certain physical expectations. But I always try to embrace these physical “temporary flaws” and try to work around it. Ang pimple ay parang lamok—wala siyang silbi, isa siyang walang kakwenta-kwentang HASSLE sa buhay. 
Sleep, healthy eating, good hygiene and lots of H20 are your best bets for healthy and glowing skin. I haven’t found a way to completely eradicate zits, but here are some of my not so secret skin saving products that I’d like to share with you all. Of course, we all have different skin types, so I advise you to do your research first before trying these products.
Skin Saving Toothpaste
This toothpaste works best for those who are acne prone in the chin area (like me!).
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Apple Cider Vinegar
You can get a bottle of organic ACV from Healthy Options. You simply mix 1 tbsp of ACV with 1 tbsp of honey and dilute it in a whole glass of water. Drink it at least 3x a day (before meals). ACV helps clear acne and also speeds up your metabolism! It works well for sore throat also.
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Moroccan Argan Oil
I slather a drop of argan oil all over my face after washing. Two times a day will do. It clears your skin from acne and has some anti-aging qualities too. I went for an entire week without argan oil on my skin and I completely broke out. Never again!
 It’s pretty expensive but a bottle will last you for months.

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Ultra Light Hydrator
Since I have sensitive skin, it’s important for me to use a very mild cleanser and an equally gentle moisturizer. You can get this brand from your Derma since it’s usually exclusively carried by doctors.
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12 Responses to Other Skin Secrets

  1. Hi Patty!

    I know you’re a Jane Iredale user, but perhaps you and your skin would also love Bare Escentuals’ Bare Minerals. It’s very light on the skin and it does not clog your pores at all. If I had skin as perfect as yours, this product would enhance my skin even more! 🙂 Try googling them or checking their videos in Youtube. I’m not sure if there are any distributors here in Manila. I hope you’ll give it a chance. Ang ganda na ng skin mo at lalo pang gaganda with this! 🙂

  2. Hi Patty,
    Can we find the Ultra Light Hydrator from a local store? Or would you recommend a dermatologist tht will sell us out the product? Hope to hear feedback from you.

  3. Hi Patty,

    You said you apply the oil after cleansing your face, so that sort of make it your moisturizer, right? Do you put sunblock on your face too? Right now I use a moisturizer with SPF. If start using the oil, can I apply sunblock on top of it?

  4. hi patty – on a monthly basis, that is my kinda problem – before — but i have discovered this little wonder that works for me, and hopefully with you too. it’s the humble TEA TREE OIL. but you got to buy the “real” “pure” thing. Healthy Options is where i find them and sometimes i really ask someone from Australia to get me the real deal. try mo! di na sila babalik ulit (yung pimple) 🙂 and it clears you scars 😉 you can also check on the other uses of tea tree oil. small wonder.

  5. 1. You can get the moisturizer from Dr. Gio Dimayuga’s clinic 🙂
    2. The argan oil can work as a moisturizer or makeup primer.
    3. Oohh, ive heard so much about TEA TREE OIL too! Cool!

  6. i’ve been reading about the benefits of apple cider vinegar for such a long time. tried several times too, first as a shot chased by water; then 1 tablespoon diluted in a glass of water. both instances gave me reflux. after reading your post, i tried to mix in honey in the dilution, and i never thought that was the missing ingredient. now i can take it in without much trouble. thank you for your tip!

  7. Hi Patty! How do you manage o drink ACV + Honey 3x a day? Do you drink it religiously? Do you bring a container wherever you go? Thanks!

  8. hi patty. thank you for the tips. our wedding is on december and i have this unexplainable breakout, i will try this products!