Our Amanda Loving Life TV Feature

Our Balesin feature finally aired last night on the Lifestyle Network!Woohoooo!!! Patrick had to edit 2 commercials over the weekend and was out working on a Sunday night so he asked me to record the episode for him—only problem is, we don’t have a decent recorder at home.I was desperate and resorted to using my iphone! So forgive the LOW QUALITY and shaky footage you’re about to see. For those who have been tweeting me about it..the replay will be in November but in the meantime, here’s my low tech (pirated) version! Please don’t laugh, I am not a TECHIE and I dont have steady hands! Hahaha 🙂 

4 Responses to Our Amanda Loving Life TV Feature

  1. I enjoyed the feature Patty!Thanks so much. I am here in NYC and I had no way of watching the show. thanks so much for recording it! Balesin is so beautiful. I will definitely visit it with my husband and family:)