Our Anniversary Trip to Munich

Nikki and I chanced upon an amazing online deal on a random weekday afternoon. The deal was so good in fact that my normally kuripot husband couldn’t believe it either and exclaimed “BOOK IT, BABE!”. The decision was unanimous and MUNICH won. We scored the best dates ever—just a few days shy of our wedding anniversaries. Yep, the Alberts and the Filarts are anniversary buddies. Nikki and BJ celebrated their first year last November 21 while Pat and I celebrated year Four last November 22. So the November 25 departure from Manila was perfect.

Since Theo is so comfortable with my parents (in fact, maybe a bit TOO comfortable since we live just 8 minutes away), I knew he would be in good hands while we were away on our anniversary trip. They had such a jam-packed itinerary built for Theo and clearly had a grand time! We would call him so many times in a day that at one point, Theo already had this expression that said “Mom, Dad, CHILL!!! You just called an hour ago!!!” HAHAHA! We desperately missed our bugoy every minute of every day that we were gone. It was just a little over a week but it felt like an eternity!!!!

Thankfully, we have been surrounded by people who always encourage to keep #MarriageFirst—so listening to their advice has really helped us as newbie parents. I’ve learned two valuable lessons from my married friends:

1) One of the best gifts you can possibly give your children is a happy marriage. Not just a picture perfect one for Instagram’s sake, but a loving and authentic relationship that your kids can witness first hand. So making time for one another is not only good for you as a couple, but also for your kids as it will help form their own understanding of what a healthy relationship should look like. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a trip—intentionally making time for each other is all that matters. Patrick and I love sneaking away from Theo for an hour to eat in our favorite fast-food joint or even just carving out a Netflix date with microwaveable popcorn when the kids are asleep is a great bonding activity.

**Patrick and I still have so MUCH to learn in this department. And so in 2017, I promise to work harder at “wife-ing” and not wifi-ing HAHAHA.

2) This is what my good friend Cat shared and really left such a huge mark—It’s important to give your parents the opportunity to create golden memories with their grandchildren. When my sister and I were kids, my parents would literally ship us to the province to spend our summers with my Lolo Gali and Lola Inday. Looking back now as an adult, I am so thankful my parents let us enjoy time with them because I learned so much about life, family and Jesus from my grandparents. The nuggets of wisdom I picked up from them helped me understand the world around me. And I’m sure my Lolo&Lola loved having us cousins all to themselves too! Of course, I do understand that the dynamics per family are different so do what works for you based on the circumstances you find yourself in. With a bit of creativity, you can create a set up that is perfectly suited for your family! 🙂

Okay, so that was quite a lengthy introduction. HAHAHA. Munich’s like “Hey, I thought this blog post was about me. Anyare??”. Okay, so let’s talk about Munich. This was my third visit to Germany but my first in Munich. I’ve always wanted to visit Munich, the heart of Bavaria. So let me give you 5 reasons why I think you should give Munich a chance—along with Peace, hehehe.

  1. It’s the most Christmas-y place on Earth, next to the Philippines, and the North Pole.

It’s clearly more popular in October thanks to the world-famous Oktoberfest but visiting Munich in November was just as special. By the time we arrived, the Christmas markets had just opened and the holiday season was in full swing. The streets were lined with stalls selling Hot Wine in barrels, Roasted Chestnuts, Christmas Lanterns, and my favorite: Chocolate Covered Strawberries 🙂 🙂 It was so festive, even your most Scroogey Anti-Christmas friend will be singing Joy To The World within 24 hours!

2. The food was fantastic!!!

It came as a shocker to me that Munich performed quite well as a gastro-hub. A meat-lover’s heaven with the tastiest sausages, curry-wursts, schnitzels I’ve ever feasted on. Even their homely table mustard was mind -blowing for me, I slathered that mustard silly on every bite. In terms of price points, it’s not as cheap as Spain/Italy but not as pricey as Paris/London. So it plays at a safe middle.

3. It’s a city where old meets new.

I wish we had more than 4 days to explore Munich, I feel like we barely got a proper introduction. But in our short stay, I was already able to see a lot of it’s beautiful history and architecture. Lonely Planet describes the city perfectly:

“Munich’s walkable centre retains a small-town air but holds some world-class sights, especially art galleries and museums. Throw in royal Bavarian heritage, an entire suburb of Olympic legacy and a kitbag of dark tourism, and it’s clear why southern Germany’s metropolis is such a favourite among those who seek out the past but like to hit the town once they’re done.” Read more: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/germany/munich/introduction#ixzz4UfO4Dyha

4. Munich is a great base for sightseeing.

There are many trains and buses that depart from Munich daily that will get you to other neighboring countries easily! You can take a trip to Vienna, Budapest, or even other German cities like Cologne, Berlin or Hamburg in just a few hours. It’s a very accessible and safe base for those who want to explore. We actually flew to Ljubljana (50 minutes only!) from Munich, will write more about it on my next post.

5. It’s actually quite charming in the winter.

Most cities look gray and dull in the dead of winter, but Munich was all abuzz this time of year. It’s a winter-pretty kind of destination—think Christmas Card worthy.  Of course, the 4 of us Tropicanas were freezing our noses off the whole time. I’m amazed we still managed to smile decently for the photos given the dire winter conditions! Hahaha! But it was nice to have my tall glass of white chocolate mocha macho man to hug the whole time. Ikaw yun, Pat! Nakkksss 🙂

So let me quit yapping and leave you with this picture story! Thanks again Munich, we really had a ball 🙂

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  1. Hi, Patty! Your gerbil adventures have always been an inspiration from being single now to a wife and mom!😊👍 I know that you have been asked this question times and sorry for asking again. Can I know the lens that you have used in your camera? Thank you so much and more power!

  2. I’m a fan. I’m learning a lot just by reading your blog. You’re a beautiful soul. Thanks, Ms. Patty! I wish I can give you a copy of my book. Fangirling lang po. hehe. Happy new year! 🙂

  3. Hello…sorry unrelated but can i ask what the smartwatch is on the picture? And is it any good?:) would like to give my bf a smartwatch as a gift 🙂

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