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Two weeks have passed but the whole CUDSLYxPATTYKELLY experience is still so fresh! Since I’m obviously still hung over, here’s a little video recap by Thirty Six-O 🙂 It was so nice to just sit back, relax and just be spoiled rotten by CUDSLY and our dearest friends and partners! This was definitely a welcome treat for me and Kelly 🙂 Thanks again to HAPPY FOLKS STUDIO for all your pretty pictures!

Kelly and I met the CUDSLY girls Chesca and Anne just a few months ago and instantly clicked on our first merienda date. Anna happens to be a young mom too so she shared so many practical tips with us so it felt like more of a mommy chikahan session than a business meeting when we first met for this shower. Hehehe 🙂 Kelly and I actually received other invitations but we just felt so at ease with CUDSLY that we decided to partner with them for our joint baby shower. Although admittedly our jobs allow us to be “public figures”, Kelly and I still believe in keeping our blogs personal and as authentic as possible, so we felt it was necessary to only partner with a team we could really trust and with brands we could really vouch for. We owe it to you, our loyal readers, to only post products we really like and use.

What we loved most about CUDSLY is that they really do care about both ends, the customers and their partner brands. They want to provide the best services and products for their clients and at the same time provide a platform for hardworking mompreneurs and partner brands to showcase their tried and tested products. Aside from just being an online store, they also are a mommy-support portal and provide a lot of helpful information for parents 🙂

CUDSLY is a well-curated online home for moms, dads, (and even lolos/lolas) to shop for all their essentials at their own convenience. As Anna shared to us during our first meeting, they want to make it as stress free for their customers—most of which are moms who already have their hands full with the groceries, breastfeeding, going to the office, cleaning, taking care of their kids, etc. The site is very easy to maneuver, very user friendly and organized. With a few clicks you can get all your baby/kiddie needs sent straight to your doorstep.  No need to head out to the mall just to buy a teether! Hehehe! Imagine the time and gas you’ll save. They have different categories on the site so you can just click and shop without any headaches. Here are some screenshots of the site for you to get an idea, but feel free to hop on over to www.cudsly.com for a more hands on experience 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 8.02.37 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 8.03.07 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 8.04.05 AM

April 23 was like Christmas day (actually 3x bigger and better!!) for me and Kelly. My eyes grew wide and my heart just exploded with delight upon seeing all these lovely presents from CUDSLY and their awesome brand partners. WOW. Just WOW. Kelly and I definitely didn’t expect all this! Like I said before, our babies have been so blessed and we only hope that we will be able to share the love with others too. In our own little and private way, Kelly and I are determined to pay it forward and to bless others too—just as these brands have been channels of blessings to us as well 🙂

Thank you to each and every brand that set aside a very personalized gift for us, you guys have touched our lives in such a tangible way…we will forever be grateful! We hope to meet you all one day soon so we can thank each of you personally, maybe we should plan a little get together? If only kakasya kayo sa condo namin, I’d happily prepare a meal for you OR we could just order pizza because I’m not much of a cook HAHAHA… That would be awesome! 🙂

To Brian, Anna, Chesca and the rest of TEAM CUDSLY—Thank you for making this a team effort and really going all out for this shower! We didn’t lift a finger for this, we just basically showed up and woke up to Christmas day! Hahaha!


Since I’ve been receiving a ton of emails and comments asking for more details on the gifts we received, I decided to feature each product so you guys can also take note. All of these items are readily available via www.cudsly.com and can be easily shipped straight to your homes. You’ll have to bear with this new momma-to-be as my experience is still at level 0 so my descriptions are far from expert level, it would be best to proceed to the CUDSLY site and read more details there. 🙂 I am very excited to use all these products with our baby boy and I’ll be sharing more tips as we go along, but in the meantime here are a few notes just to help you in your baby purchases.


With all the burping, vomitting, spit ups and pooping that is bound to happen soon–I’m sure these white garments from BEGINNINGS will prove very useful. I’m glad we have several packs in storage already–we’re all set for battle! Hahaha!

One of my biggest fears—cutting my baby’s tiny toe and finger nails!!!! Mommies, how do you do it?!?!  Thank goodness for these baby safe nail clippers from Bebe Bocas!


So I’m not exactly a baby (well, only to my husband at least—yikes, cheessssyyyy!) but I’ve been a Aveeno user for many years now. Their products are gentle and mild enough for my very sensitive skin so I figure this will be perfect for my son too.


I am praying for EXTRA strength, patience and grace to survive breastfeeding. Of course, each mom is entitled to their own style of feeding (hey, we all want what’s best for our kids right!?) and as moms we should just offer each other encouragement and love 🙂 These products from Honeysuckle will really help me as I journey through the ups and downs of breastfeeding.


Another breastfeeding must have from Nursing Mom. I love these nursing covers because they come in stylish designs and lightweight fabrics.


I love these high chairs from Babyhood! I got the black one and Kelly got the blue one 🙂 They are so sleek and modern plus it’s very easy to clean as well!


Developed by Pediatrician-Moms, this brand definitely has the seal of approval of moms and medical experts. Formulated with only the mildest and most gentle ingredients, I’m sure our little one will receive a lot of nice tummy rubs with these products.


These are really practical gifts from BabyWorld! I especially like the disposable bibs–perfect for travel! At least I can just take one pack on a trip and not worry about washing all the time.


I’m soooooooooo excited to read to my baby!!! This is one activity I am really looking forward to. I recall reading out loud to my preschool students back when I was still teaching and it was one of the most rewarding experiences ever. Thank you Reading Nook for sending these cute books!


A huge thank you to Okie Dog for the diaper bag and travel bag for our son! The diaper bag is actually going to Lola and Lolo—they also have plans of stealing our baby for most days of the week, so I figured it would be nice for them to also have their own diaper bag too.


Awww, this will be my little buddy’s new bunny! I can imagine our baby bringing his little Spinkie bunny and pillow along with him on all our adventures.


Woohooo!!! This is a gift that any mother would go crazy over! Diapers!!! Thanks again Mamy Poko for sending us packs of your extra dry and power slim diapers 🙂


Thanks to Munchkin we can keep our bottles and cups clean and tidy. The spinner perfectly holds up to a dozen pieces so you can wash in one go and dry all at the same time.


Another gentle baby friendly line, Grandma El’s sent these products our way. Bath time will be more fun with these items!


For teething, feeding and drinking—Tommee Tippee is definitely the go-to-brand for babies! Thanks again for sending all these products and for the breast pads too.


Aren’t these the cutest?!?! Thank you Attipas for these gifts for our little boy’s feet. It’s actually a cross between socks and shoes–they have slip-proof rubber soles that will make it safe for your babies who are starting to walk/crawl.


My little boy will be so gwapo and clean with his very own grooming kit from Safety 1st!


Oops I did it again! This bib and teether are TOO CUTE!!!!


This is perfect for baby’s little onesies, socks, and other clothes—but it looks like Mommy will take advantage of this as well. This is perfect to use even for adults like me who suffer from eczema and other skin allergies, it’s very gentle and mild and won’t cause any rashes on your skin.


This RuME bag is indeed ROOMIE, folds into a small pouch but expands into a full sized duffle! Very practical and perfect for long trips.   AA2_8566

One of our favorites in the entire batch of goodies, we love love love this Caterpillar Rocker!  This is just the first installment of the CUDSLY Gift List. I will be posting the next batch soon, more great gift ideas to share so stay tuned for that!


It meant so much to me and Kelly to have the CUDSLY team present at our shower! Your presence and support meant a great deal to us 🙂 Our little families are truly grateful for all these blessings from your company and your partner brands! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOUUUUUUU!!!!KIT_0551AA2_9119

All the gifts featured in this shower are available online via www.cudsly.com 🙂 Shop for your baby essentials now and avail of their smart deals!

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  1. Oh wow Mommy Patty! Lots of gifts. You and your baby are truly blessed. Ang saya makareceive ng maraming gifts. Enjoy enjoy!

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