Our Deepest Thank Yous

Today, I would like to take this time to personally thank our happy wedding helpers and suppliers. They say that the month leading to your wedding day becomes a crazy blur so before things get chaotic, I just want to make sure I honor the people who have kept me and Patrick in zen mode. A lot of people have told me that I’m surprisingly chill about our wedding preps and as much as I want to take credit for it, I can boldly say that it’s only because I have been blessed with such good friends. It helps to be surrounded by positive and cheery people all the time! The wedding hasn’t been 100% smooth sailing, we’ve had some hiccups here and there and I’ve had my moments of topakness (I can see Patrick snickering! Huyyysssst! Stop that!) but God has been faithful in ironing out all the kinks. And another thing to praise God for is for making everything fit within our  tiny budget!!! We shall be proof that you can be kuripot and still have your dream wedding (a smaller version of it at least, hehehe).

My Entourage

To Alessa and Kathleen who will be taking charge of the DIY props, thank you for injecting your creativity and craftiness into our simple wedding. I can already imagine all the crafters (Alessa’s fangirls) drooling over all the little props that you will make for us! Hahaha! Thanks also for accompanying me to fit my dress..it was a mini milestone in my life and Im happy I shared it with you.
To Muffin, thanks for taking charge for the hair and makeup team and room assignments. I know you’ve been swamped at work these past few months but it means so much to see you give your free time just to assist me.

To Stella and Cecil, thank you for being my cheerleaders from day one. Every time I discover a peg you are the top two persons I send it to (next to my mom), you reply with excitement and kilig that makes the planning even more fun!

To Lea. thanks for being my fellow bride-to-be..I loved exchanging notes with you through BBM and email! It just felt so good to have someone to experience all these little happy bride and soon to be wed moments with!

To Mic, thanks for shopping in the States and preparing the balikbayan of goodies for us! We were able to save a whole lot of buckaroos thanks to you guys!

Marge Arellano-Montemayor
The Coordinator
Marge and her husband RG have been good friends of Patrick for years. He was their eternal third wheel, even third wheeling in their Christmas gifts “Merry Christmas from Marge, RG, and Patrick”. Along with Dre and Anne, they were the first few friends of Patrick who I immediately bonded with. As soon as we got engaged, Marge lovingly offered to serve us by organizing our wedding. Although she’s not a professional wedding planner (YET), I could not imagine anyone better equipped to fix the details of our wedding. She’s possibly one of my OC-est friends (next to Cecil! hahaha), efficient, and very considerate. Even before I could possibly stress over something, she steps in and takes the burden from me. She sends us to-do-lists each week to make sure we’re on track and it just helps us align our priorities better.

My mom and I had an ocular slash spa day with Marge and BERNICE SORONGON (Another sweet childhood friend of Patrick who has been helping us with all our wedding props) last week and it dawned on me how blessed we are to have friends who are genuinely HAPPY TO SERVE us. You could be a bajillionaire and have all the money to splurge on the best suppliers–pero iba pa rin ang serbisyong totoo at galing sa tunay mong kaibigan. When your friends serve you out of love, it just makes the occasion even more meaningful. So thank you girls, I hope someday God will give me the chance to SERVE you in return. As long as it does not involve cooking, game ako dyan! Thank you also to ANNE and DRE GONZALES for helping us with the RSVPs and all your practical wedding tips!

The Catilos
The Photographers
Even before Patrick and I got engaged, kinontrata ko na ‘tong dalawa. It’s not as if they could say NO to us–Sheila is practically chained to ME because of our 20+ years of friendship! Biro mo, grade 3 palang tayo at alam ko ng magiging wedding photographer ka namin! Mwahahahaha (evil laugh). But kidding aside, even if they are our good friends–they have been very professional in dealing with us. We feel like we are just as important as their other VIP clients. Despite their success, they remain very approachable and hands on in dealing with each client as if it were their first. 
Jasmine Mendiola
The Makeup Artist
“Yung mukha mo, yun na yun. Wag natin baguhin.” This is what I love about Jasmine. She makes me look like ME. A brighter, more polished version of myself. Of course, when we work together for advertising campaigns she’s flexible enough to create different looks for me..but I’m confident that for our wedding, Patrick will be seeing the real slim shady walking down the aisle. Hehehe, kamukha ko na si Eminem! It also helps that she’s an old friend who understands my disdain for thick and theatrical makeup, fresh and clean is what we’re gunning for. Thanks also to Marie who will be doing my hurrrr!
Kaye Cunanan
The Caterer and Event Stylist
It’s no secret that Kaye Cunanan serves GOOD FOOD: Honest, comfort food plated so delicately. As a true foodie, it was important for me to invest in a good caterer. We wanted our guests to be well fed, after all our wedding will be out of town so the least we could do is treat them to a decent meal after their long journey. And the woman has TASTE. This is definitely what sets her apart from all the other caterers. But on a more personal note, Kaye is a true sweetheart. Maswerte talaga ang kaibigan kong si Wesley! He hit the jackpot with this one. While we were plotting out the details for the wedding she said to me “Don’t worry. I’m here to make sure you don’t have to stress about a single thing.” and that statement of assurance made me release a big sigh. Kaye, thank you for overextending yourself just to make all our little wedding ideas come to life. 
Swell Sweets
The Wedding Cake
Gel Colet of Swell Sweets used to be my boss. She was the executive producer of the morning show I used to be a part of. From boss, she has now been demoted to my friend! Haahaa! She gave up a very promising media career to fulfill her big dream of making cupcakes, cookies, birthday cakes and of course wedding cakes. I am truly proud of her and so excited to finally have a Swell Sweets wedding cake!!! Speaking of cake, our major dilemma: Chocolate, Vanilla, or Red Velvet! Ang hiraaaaaap!!!

Veejay Floresca
The Designer
You’re thousands of miles away pursuing your big dream and yet you still have managed for Patrick’s suit to be finished on time and for my rehearsal dress to be good as perfect as well. We’re so blessed by your kindness and generosity!

Fozzy Castro-Dayrit and Printsonalities
The Invitations
Fozzy, Fozzy, Fozzy. Why do you just get me?!?! Hahaha! It’s so funny that I turned into this woman’s FAN virtually overnight. When she designed our invitation, she got it in ONE GO. No revisions, no take two. She just GOT IT. When she sent us the file, Patrick and I couldn’t stop staring at it. We viewed it first through our iphone so you can imagine how funny we both looked, getting all mushy and sappy staring at the tiny screen.

To April and Lawrence of Printsonalities, thank you for doing such a great job with the printing! April was super thorough about the printing process. You guys are perfectionists!! I’m so happy with the quality of our invitations!

Vatel Manila
The first time I saw Dylan’s work, I fell in love. I was never really particular about flowers before, it was not exactly in my list of priorities to be honest. But all that changed when I saw the Vatel Manila page on Facebook. BOOM! I turned into a sappy, girly-girl bride in an instant! All of a sudden I wanted to have pretty bouquets for me and my entourage! Vatel Manila is super in demand so I’m delighted they accommodated me despite their full bookings. Dylan thanks so much for making it so easy to coordinate with you via email! 
Sugar and Spice
The Candy Buffet

Carms and Mel of Sugar and Spice are as sweet as the candies they serve! When Mel sent me an email regarding their Candy Buffet services, I answered without a moment’s hesitation. HELLO..Psycho  Sweet Tooth Person here. If you recall, they prepared a cute spread for Cecil’s baby shower last month and so I can’t wait to see what they will do for our wedding. Just thinking about it is making my mouth water with excitement! See you next month girls!

BC Fragrance
The Tokens
I love how I’m able to meet so many wonderful people online and discover that they’re even nicer in person! Bernadette of BC Fragrance first tweeted me about their fragrances. After exploring their site, I was convinced that this would be perfect for our wedding. I’m itching to show you what she did for us but for now we shall keep it a secret, para naman may suspense ng konti 🙂 
Coco Cakes
Yummy Treats
Dear Michelle, thanks for being part of our little evening surprise. I won’t spill the details here yet but you know how excited and grateful I am!!! See you next weekend for our baking day!:)

The Videographers

Ahhh Mayad. Their work amazes me EACH and EVERY time. If you want to fall in love, just visit their site. It’s no wonder they are known internationally. I am so excited to have them on board!!! Thank you so much to the wonderfully talented team of MAYAD. Just like our other suppliers, Mayad is booked solid until 2030 (hahaha) and yet they’ve managed to squeeze our small wedding in next to all their high profile clients. Maraming Salamat!

Our Wedding Rings

To our dearest Anya and Tita Raquel, how can we even begin to thank you! You have made our wedding rings so special and unique. Thank you for taking care of my heirloom piece and for modernizing it. If my grandmother was still alive I’m sure she would be so happy to see her ring in a very contemporary style. It’s always a pleasure working with you guys and I look forward to more happy memories with Sun Jewel!

The Shoes
As most of you know by now, I’m a big Suelas advocate. I’m almost like a used car sales man trying my best to convince everyone to switch to Suelas. It’s not that I am even part owner of Suelas, I just really love their shoes! Since our wedding will be outdoors (with a very difficult terrain), I thought of giving Suelas to my female entourage just to make them comfortable on our big day. The special customized Suelas sandals are being made as we speak, I cant wait! My bridesmaids will look soooo puuurtyyy for sure!

The Blounge
Hair and Makeup for Entourage

Speaking of bridesmaids, we’re doing sweet and romantic for their looks c/o The Blounge. Owner Rossell Taberna and I have been online friends for years… It’s a long story! hehehe 🙂 So to get a wedding gift from a “chat mate” was soooooo touching. She’s painfully sweet and thoughtful! Thank you to the BLOUNGE team for sponsoring the hair and makeup of our entire female entourage! Sorry boys, I can sponsor your hair gel nalang! Hahaha 🙂

Such a long list of people to thank and I’m sure I will be adding to this list as our BIG Day draws nearer. For such a small wedding, we are so blessed to have all these wonderful people helping us! Thank you Lord for being an awesome God, granting us the desires of our little hearts and blessing us beyond our wildest dreams! 

5 Responses to Our Deepest Thank Yous

  1. wow! i’m excited for your wedding, patty. i just got engaged too and i’m getting lots of wonderful ideas from you. thank you! :))may God bless your wedding then the marriage. lots of love, jo 🙂

  2. You’re such a kind and sweet person Ms.Patty, that’s why they love to serve you with all these wonderful things. Na excite naman ako for you Ms. Pat! Though super layo pa ang “wedding day” ko, your wedding ideas and tips are all very inspiring and helpful. I could also share it to my friends na malapit nang ikasal! 🙂 Congratulations and thank you for your wonderful post! 🙂

  3. I cant wait for your big day…Pls share pics with us ASAP! Hahaha! I, myself, is a Vatel Manila Bride so I’m extra excited to see your bouquet. Congrats again and best wishes 🙂

  4. I’m excited. Seriously. I’m not even part of it. You’re going to share your fab pictures for sure. Can’t wait for that entry. May the good Lord shower you more blessings! 😀