Our deepest thanks!

My blackberry has been sending multiple facebook and twitter notifications the whole day of yesterday until early this morning!!!! I’ve read all of your tweets, emails and comments but I was caught up with so much work yesterday, I failed to give each of you a decent tweet back. I’m really sorry about this! But please do know that Patrick and I have read all your warm messages and it means so much to have YOU celebrate these happy moments with us!!! The more the merrier, indeed 🙂 So keep the comments and tweets coming, friends! After a long, grueling day at work..it’s so refreshing to check my twitter feed to see all your sweet messages there. How I wish I could post all of your tweets on my blog but that would take me the entire day! Hahaha. But here’s a sample of all the lovely shout outs we received yesterday 🙂 MARAMING SALAMAT!!! 

4 Responses to Our deepest thanks!

  1. hi Patty! super nice ng prenup shoot niyo! you guys look so good together, and you are so inlove. nakakainggit naman! 🙂 God bless sa inyong wedding and marriage. We will be following! Congratulations again! 🙂