Our Dream Sofa

Pat and I have been on the look out for a nice sofa for our living room for months, but we were always half baked about the ones available in the market. There was always something lacking–it was either too “girly” for Patrick or too “bachelor’s pad” for me. We just couldn’t find a sofa that suited both of our personalities and to make our condition of indecision even worse–we had to consider our budget, the size of our pad, and of course the quality of the workmanship. It’s hard to explain, but we wanted something simple but NOT too plain, something classic but modern. Hahaha, ang gulo namin!:) 🙂 
A few weeks back, we visited Mandaue Foam in Las Pinas and we discovered that they actually have a special furniture customization service. So we collaborated with the Mandaue Foam staff to come up with the “perfect sofa” that would sort of  become a marriage of both our tastes and needs. So tadahhhh!!! Here’s the product of a happy compromise between me and Patrick: a plush and luxurious white leather 3 seater—but wait, there’s more–it’s actually a RECLINER!! Obviously Patrick is totally psyched about this, he can now watch all his favorite NBA games comfortably! All we have to do now is save up for a decent TV! Because all he’ll be watching for now is a blank wall! Hahaha 🙂
Thank you Mandaue Foam for making our dream sofa!:) Mandaue Foam has a wide range of ready made sofas–all very affordable (trust me!!! friendly prices talaga!), contemporary, and durable. And good news guys, they’re going on SALE!!! They’re actually very modestly priced on regular days so imagine how much you’ll save during their anniversary sale. I have my eye on a couple of things already, so I’ll share my cool MF finds with you in the coming months. Happy Couch Hunting!

4 Responses to Our Dream Sofa

  1. Our dream sofa is also a recliner! hahaahah I’ve been hearing good things about Mandaue Foam, hoping to visit one of their showrooms soon

  2. Didn’t know they had a branch in Las Pinas! 🙂 Hehehe, this means I can visit them soon! (I promised myself a nice little loveseat or daybed as a treat with my first real PF, hahaha!)

  3. Nice choice of sofa!!! 🙂

    I agree with you. We went couch hunting for several weeks and found the right and affordable couch from
    Mandaue foam. We wanted something modern and comfy. It’s actually the 2 seater version of what you posted above (white 3 seater photo) 🙂 Apart from being affordable, we loved the idea of being able to choose the fabric and color that we want. Big thanks to Mandaue foam. Good luck in finding other pieces for your home! 🙂