Our First Ever #SpringFlingPH

When Alessa and I were still clueless teens, we made a pact to always live a life of creativity, purpose and gratefulness—-this has lead us to do a multitude of mini happy projects together in the past 14 years of our friendship. We lived with the mantra “Improve Thy Self” which fueled this insatiable quest for learning. Whether it was mastering the dance moves of Chris Brown’s latest music video (this was when Chris Brown was still a good guy!), learning a new skill, discovering a new off the beaten path destination, or more currently, domesticating ourselves in our respective homes. Most of these projects were just very simple and silly but ALL were equally character-shaping. 

My relationship with Kelly, on the other hand, has become one of my most valued friendships especially in the past two years because our lives are so in sync in SO many ways.  We can relate so much to one another because we work in the same industry, uphold similar values (Kelly may be very famous but she’s incredibly grounded thanks to her parents’ upbringing), and are both in “baby” marriages. I’ve maneuvered through this whole maze of married life alongside her (and also Nicole!) and she has become my sounding board for many of my life issues—both big and small. 

And this is why I asked these two ladies to be my partners for the very first SPRING FLING event. Apart from the fact that they are two of the most influential bloggers in the country, I personally consider them my soul sistahs! I host live and corporate events for a living and as much as love doing this, at the end of the day, it still feels like WORK. So I wanted this event to be special, to be a project born out of love with people I love (redundant ba?!) so having Alessa and Kelly on board made perfect sense.  And of course, to complete the powerhouse team, we enlisted the help of another dear friend, Marge Montemayor.  
So what exactly was SPRING FLING all about?! In a nutshell, it was a way for us to make our blogs come to life. To make our cyberspace personas a more tangible experience. And because this was a very new idea/concept, we knew we had to keep it intimate and invite girls who would “get it”. So it was important for us to really sift through our list and narrow it down to like-minded women (and yes kailangan maganda din!!! NAKS!). Eventually we will invite the dudes, but for now, we love our girls so we chose to keep it an all female affair first! Hehehe! Sorry fellas 🙂

I actually mentioned this in the interview we did for Cat Juan’s blog but I’d like to share it again here 🙂 We kept our goals simple and basically these are the two take home nuggets we wanted to give to our guests. 1) For our guests to catch a little preview of our blogs and to understand our intention: to provide positive and creative content for our readers through our respective sites. 2) To make our guests feel extra special for a day! To make them absolutely giddy with the good food, craft session, and goodies. We just wanted to make it about channeling the blessings we have experienced through blogging and sharing it with women we love and admire. And another tidbit I’d like to add which I only realized now in retrospect, 3) To create a little happiness community (yes it sounds very gummy bears and marshmallows, I know!)–with all the crap that’s thrown at us each day, it would be nice to just surround yourself with people who choose to do something good and meaningful with their lives. Hindi na talaga uso ang nega vibes! It’s time to champion strong women and encourage one another! Yes! I am running for President and this is my very first campaign speech. hahahaha! PATTY FOR PREZZZZ!!! Bigyan na ng jacket! Hahaha.
We broke down the afternoon “program” into our three blogs: Patty’s Blog with Food and Travel, Kelly’s Blog with Fashion and Beauty, and Alessa’s Blog with Arts and Crafts. We obviously blog about other things in between but since we had just a few hours, we had to sort of make it a micro version of blogs. Since it was a very intimate affair, we didn’t really have a very formal program—we didn’t even have a mic! Hehehe!It was more like a chikahan with our girlfriends kind of party and I’m glad our guests appreciated that. If God allows us to have another event, maybe we can invite a few of our blog readers to join too. Wouldn’t that be so much fun?!? 
Obviously, FOOD and TRAVEL were assigned to me because I’m always eating! I am already embarrassed by the association—“Ah, si Patty Laurel, matakaw nga yun!!” Hahaha! But to be fair to myself, I’m NOT as garapal with food as before. I’ve changed! (I hope my husband doesn’t read and contest this!) So for my segment, I shared my favorite Early Bird Breakfast Club picks. As you can see through my Instagram posts, I’ve been a loyal Early Bird Breakfast Club member since they opened so much so that owners Ellen and Ken have become my good friends too! Whenever I’m PMS-ing, Patrick knows that he has to take me there to save himself from an LQ brought about by my messed up hormones! Hahaha! For this event, they served my fave dishes in sample sizes perfect for our sexy ladies (but even if sample size lang, busog pa run lahat!). Kelly has a great run through of all the items that we served on the menu, you can click here to visit her site.
After stuffing the ladies with good food I moved to the TRAVEL bit for my blog. I talked a bit about my adventures and gave each guest their first giveaway of the day: their very own LAGU Beach Blanket. At this point, Alessa, Kelly and I were already sooooo kilig to hear their oohs and ahhs because the girls had NO idea that this would be the first of the MANY gifts they were about to receive! We  had a whole afternoon of spoiling planned and  wanted to surprise them every step of the way. We even had this inside joke—parang BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! ala fireworks! Hehehehe! It felt so great to share our favorite items with our favorite girls.  
For Kelly’s segment, she touched on Beauty and Fashion. As a professional model and beauty icon, these are two topics she knows like the back of her hand. What I personally love about Kelly’s blog is that she makes Beauty and Fashion very accessible for regular girls like me. She is very generous with her styling and makeup tips and tries to encourage her readers to always take a positive approach in improving themselves. For Spring Fling, She talked about her favorite clothing picks from GUESS and also invited SuperModel/SuperMom Rissa Mananquil Trillo of Happy Skin to join her to discuss their fave beauty picks for the season. And of course—-each guest brought home goodies from both GUESS and HAPPY SKIN!!!! Gaaaaahhh!!!

For Alessa’s segment we made sure that the LIFE AFTER BREAKFAST Blog experience would be something the girls wouldn’t forget! The outside veranda of Early Bird Breakfast Club was the perfect garden-in-the-city venue for Alessa’s brush calligraphy craft session. Each girl received their own craft kit that included products from Enlivo, Sharpie, and Mongol. And of course CANON was there to document the event for us too. The inner artists were unleashed thanks to Alessa’s session!
Our friends Cat JuanRica Peralejo and Cecil Filart all wrote about their SPRING FLING experiences too, so just click on their names if you’d like to read their entries! And to all our lovely guests who posted on Instagram/Twitter causing the #SpringFlingPH to spread like wildfire within hours, THANK YOU!!!:) We really didn’t expect the buzz to be that big—so we really are so grateful!

Oh and can I just share how much I love my white ensemble by SUITEBLANCO! I got my top, skirt, and bangles from their SM Aura store. Their current collection is so puhhhrteee!!! And thanks also to HeyJow for my drop earrings and to Ms. Isabel of Piandre Salon in BGC for my curlaloooos and super fresh makeup that lasted all day 🙂
The pretty girls loving their Lulu Swings! Thanks again Isa for sharing some feet love 🙂 🙂 We all swooned over the styles you sent over. Lulu Swings are lightweight but durable and oh so dainty! I’ve been using them for quite some time now and I always get compliments when I have them on. Lulu Swings are proudly Pinoy made, an additional hooray!!!
Before I forget, allow me to run through the people who I owe lots of hugs and kisses to! First of all, I praise God for you MARGE MONTEMAYOR of Events by Marge. Aside from being one of my closest girlfriends, you have been my go-to-girl for events and celebrations. It all started with our wedding and I have a feeling you will have no choice but to plan all our life milestones. You’re stuck with the Pats! Hahaha! Thank you also Kaki Tingzon for your time and efforts. Everyone loved the floral hashtag board too! Next, I want to send my love to my Thirty Six O babies Jaressa Felipe and Bea Marquez. Thanks for covering this event and giving up your precious weekend for me. To Chris Clemente, thanks also for shooting the photos for this event! Thanks for making time for us, Clems.  

To the adorable couple Ellen and Kendrick and the rest of the EARLY BIRD BREAKFAST CLUB, our deepest thanks for welcoming us into your pretty home. It was an afternoon with pretty girls in a pretty restaurant! (Kasama ako sa PRETTY GIRLS HAAAA! Walang kokontra!) Thank you to all the waiters and staff members who took care of all our guests. 

To all our sponsors and friends who generously provided gifts for our guests, maraming salamat! We really wanted to give well-curated pieces to our girls so your support meant so much to us 🙂 It felt like Christmas in Spring with all your lovely gifts.

And again, to my partners in SPRING crime: Alessa and Kelly—THANK YOU! We were able to make our little dream project a reality and bring smiles on our guests’ faces. Mission accomplished 🙂 Thank you Lord for blessing me with these two girls, my dearest friends and soul sistahs!!! 

And of course to all my READERS, I thank the Lord for blessing me with such supportive and loving blog readers. You have no idea how much you guys keep me motivated! I blog happily thanks to all of you 🙂 🙂 For this first Spring Fling, we had to keep it intimate mina but eventually we would love to have our loyal readers to celebrate with us as well. It’s something we’ve been praying for and we will definitely keep you posted!!! But since you mean so much to me and I’d love to spread the happiness to you too—scroll down for the big surprise!!!

Are you ready for some good news???? 
I am giving away a loot bag filled with all the goodies each of our guests received last Saturday to 

A Floral Capa from La Tercera
Remember my beautiful wedding robe, made with the most delicate lace and with Mrs. Filart embroidered in the back? The La Tercera girls were responsible for making this for me and they also made custom pieces for my whole entourage as well. It was great to have them celebrate another milestone with me this year. They made these spring inspired capas for all our guests 🙂

Shades from Icon Eyewear
These Jackie-O/Audrey Hepburn shades will make you standout in the crowd this summer. You can visit Icon Eyewear’s kiosk located just by the cinemas of Glorietta 4. They have a new collection coming in so be sure to check out their new styles!

Lippies, 2 Eyeliners, Foundation, and Blush from Happy Skin 
Like I mentioned a few posts ago, Happy Skin has become an instant favorite for me. Their products are flirty and fun! The girls shrieked when Rissa and Kelly gave away these Happy Skin kits and I’m sure you will go ga-ga over them too. 

A Travel Tote from Joan and Klaire
Jackie Tan of Joan and Klaire was kind enough to send our ladies their beautiful canvas travel totes. These totes are simple but oh-so-chic with the sweet words emblazoned on each one. It’s a statement piece you can definitely flaunt on your next trip!

Aside from feeding us with heavenly food, they also gave away these cute little notebooks! They’re actually inspired by the famous mural in their Fort branch.

Hair Accessories from Goody
This floral accessory will turn you into a beach goddess in a second! 

Towel and Tote from Guess
For Kelly’s segment, she featured the latest looks for Spring/Summer 2014 from Guess and each girl took home some goodies from Guess! So we’re giving them to you too!

Floral Embroidered Wallet from L’Indochine
I am such a big L’Indochine fan!!! It’s my favorite store in Sm Aura because they have EVERYTHING and by everything I mean everything!!! From trinkets, to vases, jars, and even funny looking giraffes! The Inspiration Seekers C&L gave their best selling embroidered floral wallets to our guests. I love, love, love this piece!!!

BB Cream from Pond’s
Keratin Smooth Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Spray from Tresemme
These prettifying items are sure bathroom staples. I especially love the travel sized hair spray from Tresemme!

Beach Blanket from Lagu
This is another personal favorite. My LAGU has traveled with me from Batangas to Australia and I intend to travel to more beaches with it!

VIP Access Pass with 2 MONTHS UNLIMITED Pilates from One Life Studio
The item that made everyone gasp in the end—2 MONTHS FREE PILATES!!!! Gaaaaahhhh! This pass is valid from May 1-June 30 in either their Greenhills branch or the soon to open Makati branch. I will be working out in the Makati branch with my mom soon, so I’ll see you there!!:)

The guests also received the most beautiful Spring cupcakes from My Little Buttercup, Sharpie pens, Vegan snacks from Pipino and Sandals from Lulu Swing however these items will not be included in this raffle prize. 🙂
Since this SPRING FLING was a project for my blog (in partnership with the blogs of Kelly and Alessa), I thought it would be nice to run something a bit more personal 🙂 As a thank you to my loyal blog readers and supporters, I wanted to do something that would guarantee that the prize goes to someone who has been on this blog journey with me and not just some random contest joiner. Mushy kung mushy, but my readers do mean a lot to me! Simply answer the question below and you might just win all this loot!:) 

Out of all the entries in MY blog, which one did you personally relate to the most? And if you could share your experience briefly, then all the better! I’d love to hear from you guys!

Send your answer to pattylaurelfilart@gmail.com on or before May 4.
Max of 300 words per entry. One entry per person please. 

I can’t wait to read all your entries! Contest ends on May 4. And I will announce the winner on Twitter on May 5. Fingers crossed!!! Please note that the winner will have to claim the gift pack from the Fort office. Thank you 🙂

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  1. Wow sana po maka-attend ako in your next SpringFling sessions! God Bless you always Mrs. Filart!

  2. hi patty my super love blog entry was the one u posted ur pre nup photos and u shared the proposal video of u and patrick i cried after reading and i even sent u an email pa how i felt that time . pero im not sure if u read it . anyways. ur such a good influence . godbless u always