Our Happy, Healthy Baking Day with Coco Cakes

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I only tweet about 5 things: 1)KNOCK KNOCK JOKES 2)WEDDING/CONDO PREPS 3)KIEFER RAVENA 4)CHEESY SHIZZ ABOUT MY FIANCE and lastly, 5)MY NEVER ENDING SUGAR FRUSTRATIONS.  These days I’ve been tweeting more incessantly about the 5th because…it’s been a real daily struggle for me. This week alone I probably “Puss in Boots wawa faced” Patrick a dozen times just so he would budge. At first he always hesitates, giving me his loving spiel about my blood sugar levels. And though I know he’s right and that he has the facts to back him up…I still want my SWEETS! I’m ruthless when hungry. Lahat ng baon kong pacute, linalabas ko na. Boom. Boom. Kapow. Ay, look at that face. LOOK. Goddammit. Ang cute ko talaga!!!!! I deserve a chocolate bar just for being ME! 
My love affair with chocolates is a dangerous one. It’s almost like I’m stuck with an abusive boyfriend who’s clearly bad for me. “Pero Nay, Tay…MAHAL KO SYA!!!!!!” Mwahahahaha! Every time I open a brand new chocolate bar, it’s oooohlalala of sweet loving, an emotional high! In the height of my sugar rush, I’m convinced that we’re meant to be. Then an hour later, I crash. My body feels blehhhhhkkkk and then it hits me, “Mahal ko siya pero di niya ako mahal!”.Me and Chocolates, IT’S COMPLICATED. 
One of my best friends, Stella Pastores-Esquivias, is also a certified sugar addict just like me. In fact when we were in gradeschool, I used to call her CHOCOLATE d’Great and she would call me BUTTERSCOTCH The Defeated Foe. They were completely useless and pointless nicknames..but it was clear that we loved sweets even as children. We’ve been each other “sugar sponsors” checking up on each other and offering emotional support as co-addicts–para kaming AA members! Hahaha!
A few weeks back I mentioned that my friend Michelle Teves lovingly volunteered to teach me how to bake sugar free desserts so I decided to bring Stella along with me. And we also got a chance to bond with blog reader Jen and her doting husband EJ. It was so fun spending the day with two good girlfriends and making two new friends as well. Here are some photos from our Sugar Free Baking class c/o Lemarc Limosnero. But feel free to drop by Stella’s BLOG for more details about our baking experience. 

Our biggest thanks to Michelle of COCO CAKES for giving up your Saturday just for us!!!:) Ever since we got engaged she’s been so generous in offering me kitchen tips and advice. Michelle, you’re the sweetest!:) I’m still convincing this busy mom of three to open private baking workshops..if I’m successful, I will keep you guys posted on how you can sign up for her exclusive classes. In the meantime you can visit her website to have your cupcakes, cake pops, cakes customized for special occasions.

4 Responses to Our Happy, Healthy Baking Day with Coco Cakes

  1. You made me laugh out loud with your “puss in boots wawa faced” term! I really love reading your blog! Best wishes to you in advance and congratulations to Patrick! You’re blessed to have found each other. Oh btw, we both had K by Cunanan as caterer. She’s the best! so glad you got her too! 🙂 Happy eating!