Our Home Sweet Home

After 15 months of marriage and loft-dwelling, I think it’s high time I reveal our humble abode to YOU, yes YOU—my beloved readers. You’ve probably seen snippets of my home in some of the posts here or on IG/Twitter, but today I’m putting our home in full display! Welcome to Casa Filart 🙂 🙂 

Our loft is featured in this month’s Condo Living magazine, so please show some love and grab a copy to read more about our home decorating projects and funny stories. Oh and they didn’t include our tiny kitchen/pantry and Patrick’s “man corner” in this feature (with Pat’s photographer’s lamp, TV, Xbox, PS4, etc) so I’ll try to share those “areas” in my future posts. In the meantime, hope you enjoy this little tour of our condo. 
Our bedroom has got to be my favorite place in our whole loft. It’s where I sleep (duh!), do movie and TV series marathons with my husband, late night snacking, blogging, etc. We converted the 2nd room into a mini editing suite for Patrick (slash walk in closet for me!) so I also have my workspace in our master’s bedroom which is why it’s my all around-rest-work-eat station. 

I love having pictures scattered all over our home. I think photographs instantly convert a house into a home and adds a lot of warmth to an empty space. I had our wedding and prenup photographs printed on wood. You can order your prints online via www.mywoodencanvas.com. And for the space under our stairs, I had a door made so it could serve as storage space (to hide all the clutter!). Since it was a very plain (just a chunk of white!), I decided to post some of my favorite Instagram photos on it. So this is our “memory wall”–sort of an homage to the one we have in our Alabang home which has been my dad’s on going project for decades now.
Oh and I just have to mention this too! This is something I always tell my newlywed friends to invest in. One of our smartest splurges was this Inverter Aircon. We managed to get it at a good rate from Mr. Aircon. Their brand new aircons are priced much lower than the ones in the department stores/appliance centers and they provide installation services too. Although we sleep with just an electric fan on most days (we’re kuripot like that), having an inverter aircon is a God-send because we don’t feel too guilty when we choose to switch on the aircon because this unit is energy-efficient thus less costly. 

So there, wacha think guys?!?!?!!? I really, really hope you guys like our pad. It’s nothing fancy and it’s far from fabulous—but it is a home we are very blessed to call our own. More than anything, this really is a gift from the LORD and we will forever be grateful for it. 🙂

16 Responses to Our Home Sweet Home

  1. I think it’s great, Patty! Thank you for always bringing a dab of inspiration in my day! If it’s okay with you, I would like to feature photos of your home in my blog. My hubby and I are currently looking for a condo and interior decorations and so far, we are digging on this! 🙂

  2. Love the glass window wall idea! Made the room feel 2x bigger- good job! Ganda ng white wall clock! Akin na Lang!!! Arbor!!! Hehe

  3. Wow, no wonder your friends love hanging out at your place. Ang ganda! And I love the idea of a loft bedroom. Your condo looks sooo homey.

  4. love your place, kala ko plain lang pag white ang house but with your very pretty ideas on decorating esp the memory wall it turned out a fab one! Pwede ka na sa interior design Ms Patty!

  5. Hi! Would you mind sharing the online shop where you bought the pixelated Van Gogh? I have a huge white wall in our house and I’m looking for something to fill it so I’m hoping they’ll have other artwork as well 🙂

    Thanks very much! You have such a lovely loft. Before we got married, my husband and I were looking at lofts as well but ended up in a two-bedroom condo. Now we’re slowing filling up a house, which is extremely hard and I have a feeling will actually take us some years (but that’s ok. It’s supposed to be our home forever haha!)

  6. Thank you Patty for doing this. I was dying to see how your beautiful home looked like. Based on your previous instagram, it looked gorgeous. So thank you for doing this.
    Also, I just wanted to mention that I admire the kind of marriage you and your husband have. I now know what kind of marriage I want because of you two. I definitely want the “marry your bestfriend” marriage. So thank you for showing that it is actually better to be married to someone you know very well and brings out the best in you. I definitely want to travel and go explore the world with a husband/bestfriend. After all, its about the people who your with and not the place you are at that always matters and creates the wonderful experience. So thank you for sharing your fun adventures with your husband, family, and friends. You have shown and taught me a valuable lesson that will affect me for the rest of my life. Thank you! We need more people like you!! Your such a great role model. Your positivity and humor is something I want to emulate.

  7. Hi Party! May i ask where you had you instagram wall made? Mywoodenalso? Hope you can share! Super like your pad especially your yellow chair in your room. 🙂