Our Little Gentleman’s Shower

My darling girlfriends with the help of Mothercare threw the most amazing Little Gentleman’s shower for our baby boy last Wednesday. The girls planned a very intimate gathering at La Creperie Salcedo, with styling and coordination by the amazingly talented Bernice and Marge. It was an afternoon of good food (the crepe station was a hit!), fun&games, a lot of crying (thanks to my mom’s beautiful prayer!) and of course GIFTS galore for our baby!!! My hormones were raging all throughout the afternoon and I found myself laughing and crying out of sheer happiness! I’m a sentimental fart to begin with but maaaaan, these pregnancy hormones are making me all marshmallow-like these days. It’s just so wonderful to find yourself right smack in the center of HIS love and the love of friends and family. What an exciting season this has been for me and Patrick!! I’m just so grateful to have such genuine friends–they have been the best support system ever!

Here are some snippets from the super FUN FUN FUN shower. I obviously went overboard in posting the pictures by Little People Photography! I have about a hundred more on file, but I’ll just keep that for posterity. My blog’s storage might conk out if I post them all here. Hahaha 🙂


Desserts galore from The Cake Shake and Cupcakes by Sonja!Patty-10Patty-261showerPatty-269Patty-20 shower2Patty-80Patty-93

Delicious crepes and savory food from La Creperie!shower3Patty-72Patty-247Patty-65Patty-278Patty-281Patty-159Patty-288Patty-165Patty-170Patty-200Patty-228Patty-236Patty-274Patty-285Patty-36Patty-85Patty-23 Patty-12 Patty-41Patty-57Patty-117 Patty-124Patty-134Patty-147Patty-146Patty-150Patty-131Patty-155Patty-218shower4Patty-223Patty-283shower6

Here’s a list of the gifts I was so fortunate enough to receive from Mothercare and their partner brands. I promise to write more extensively and in detail once I get to use them. But if you’re a mom-to-be like me, you may want to take note of these items as early as now and you can include it in your baby shower registry too! All of these products are available in Mothercare 🙂

Skiphop Diaper Bag– This was the first gift I opened and I was so thrilled! It’s the perfect bag for daddy-to-be Patrick to bring for our trips. (yep, we’re hoping to travel with this buddy!) It comes in a sleek black design that looks stylish even for the poppas!

I Angel Hipseat– Another travel must have that I was so excited tor receive. Even Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio shouted “That’s super useful!” when I opened it. Thank you Meryll for this 🙂 I’m sure you’ll see this in our future travel posts, hehehe.

Clevamama Splash Apron Towel– Awww this made my heart melt! I can’t wait to give my baby some splish-splash time 🙂 I love this apron towel set.

Mothercare Wipes– One of the most practical gifts on the list that I’m sure I’ll be using again and again!! Gentle and safe for baby’s bum bum hihihihi 🙂

Cycles and Cradle- Speaking of practicality, the cleaning products I received from Cycles and Cradle were awesome! In fact, I already use their Baby Detergent as early as now because I’m allergic to most commercial detergents with harmful chemicals, so this brand works best for my laundry—it doesn’t trigger my eczema! Thank you Kitchie, I’m a big fan.

Mustela- To the sweet girls behind Mustela, thank you for always showering me with lots of love!!!

Bobux Baby Shoes and Walnut Shoes- I always get kilig when I see small shoes for our baby!!! Awww! Shoes for his little feet! Thanks Christine for the pair of Walnut shoes 🙂

Early Learning Centre Giant Activity Cube- It’s ALWAYS a good idea to give educational and stimulating toys like this! Thank you, Thank you ELC!

Baby K’Tan- Thank you Tiffany! I’ve been eyeing this for the longest time and I’m glad we finally have one for our baby 🙂 🙂 It’s the perfect sling for everyday use and I can’t wait to have a little Koala cling on to me everyday!

Sophie the Giraffe teether, meal set, Baby on Board sign and keychain- This took me back to Paris!!! I love, love, love Sophie the Giraffe and I’m glad this is now available in Manila. The teether is an iconic fixture in all French homes and I’m sure it’ll make waves here in Asia too. Thanks Kat and Mariz for this set!

Pigeon Liquid Cleanser, Pigeon Multi-Function Sterilizer, Mag-Mag All In One set (sippy cups) – A big shout out to Julius and May for these gifts!!! You know that you’re a mom when you get excited over Sterilizers! Hahaha! My eyes lit up when I saw it 🙂 Thanks also for the liquid cleanser and sip cups.

Avent Steam Blender- Eryl, this is a gift I’ll definitely be using over and over again so I really appreciate it. Now we can easily prepare healthy and all natural food for our baby (when he’s ready for his solids).

Little Earth Tiddler- Thanks for the smart products you sent Jan. The mosquito click and sucker are both smart gifts to give to parents! I also loved the nail polish,I used it already. Hehehe!

VDL Beauty Metal Cushion Foundation, Mommy Treats, Watsons, Mothercare – Thanks for all the delightful gifts and prizes you gave out to my girlfriends 🙂 🙂


Aside from the loot from Watsons, I also loved these gifts from Next 9, Mamaway (I love their bra!!!!), and these cute onesies from Googoo and Gaga! The DUDE sweater is from Rica, so adorable right?!P1300020P1300024

And here are all the amazing loot my friends and family gave for our baby boy!!!! It was like Christmas-Birthday-New Year for me and Patrick! About 90% of these items were from our Mothercare Registry. Guys, your presence was more than enough but you went out of your way to get us gifts pa, hayyyyyy, salamat!!!P1300008

Each guest got to take home samplers of Mommy Treats, these lactation yummies are perfect for nursing moms! I love their brownies and they are offering macarons soon too 🙂 🙂 And my girls got goodies from Watsons, Cupcakes by Sonjas, and Mothercare too!


P1300014 Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all my dear friends who just showered us with so much love!!!


There are so many people I NEED to thank so please bear with me 🙂 This is a very HORMOTIONAL woman typing, so let me beeeeeeee!!! This is my first baby shower ever so I have license to be emo! Hahaha! 🙂


It’s just been blessing after blessing after blessing thanks to the team behind Mothercare Philippines headed by Mariel Bartolome (and with the support of TinTin Montinola)! A huge shout out to Mr. Ben Chan and Mr. Bryan Lim of the BENCH Family too for making this all possible. You guys are beyond amazing! I woke up the next morning to a living room filled with gifts for our baby and my heart was exploding with joy. Each gift was carefully selected, you could tell that there was a very rigorous and thoughtful process behind the building of this gift list! For a new mom-to-be who admittedly has ZERO idea where to begin, this was such a BIG HELP! True to their name, it really is all about CARING for the needs of MOTHERS as they try their very best to raise happy and healthy babies 🙂 It’s a one stop hub for moms looking for quality products that are proven safe and effective for the rearing of babies and children. All these gifts are available in MOTHERCARE branches nationwide 🙂 And to all the partner brands as well who so generously gave as well, I can’t thank you enough for your kindness.


I consider myself very, very lucky to have these two girls Marge and Bernice in my life. They are perhaps two of Patrick’s closest female friends and they go wayyyyyy back—like funky hair and weird clothes back, HAHAHA!—they’ve been more like sisters to him for decades and I am so blessed that this genuine friendship has extended to me. They were there to support us for our wedding and now that we’re celebrating another big milestone, I am so happy sila na naman ang makakasama ko. Thank you Marge and Bernice for taking on the role of captains of this shower and for making it truly beautiful and memorable! I loved the theme, so spot on to what I wanted! You guys really get me! For events coordination, contact Marge Montemayor at marge@eventsbymarge.com and for styling contact Bernice via Julienne Styling Facebook here. 


One of my favorite restaurants in Makati—with the beautiful Parisian inspired interiors, yummy crepes and other savory food on their menu, you can’t go wrong with La Creperie. I really requested for the shower to be here and I’m so glad Christine happily indulged 🙂 Thank you for spoiling me and my friends last Wednesday. We all loved the crepe station!!! I’m drooling now just thinking about it!


Thank you Krissy and Rommel of LITTLE PEOPLE LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHY for capturing these precious moments for us. I loved that you were able to take shots of all the halakhaks, giggles and even sniffles (a lot of emotions in the room! hahaha). To view more of Krissy’s work, visit their FB Page here . They do a ton of creative family portraits and events coverage too!


My sweet tooth was definitely satisfied thanks to the girls behind THE CAKE SHACK and CUPCAKES by SONJAS! Thank you for my little gentleman’s cake with adorable bow tie, The Cake Shack! 🙂 The cake looked beautiful and elegant—and was yummy too! And to Pam Begre and the Cupcakes by Sonja team, thanks for spoiling us with all your sweet treats! I’ve been obsessing over your vanilla cupcakes all week–I’ve dropped by Sonja’s in Serendra twice already this week!! Ackkkk! I just have to watch my sugar though, but it’s really worth the indulgence! I hope to celebrate more milestones with you 🙂


My dearest grade school besties–Sheila and Stella (the girlaloos!) thanks for hosting the games and in all ENGLISH pa (pero bumigay din after two attempts)! Sossy nyo ha! Hahahahaha! And of course to Martine dear, thanks for hosting the program. You added so much love and warmth and really set the tone. 🙂 I know you 3 have your hands full these days (with the babies ruling your respective worlds!) so thanks for taking the time to come up with a very meaningful program for me!


Like I said during the shower (hence the ugly cry photos that have miraculously disappeared—they will not make it to this blog! Too ugly to share! MWAHAHAHA!), this was really a gathering of my prayer warriors. You guys have been praying for me and Patrick long before our baby was conceived and you have doubled in your prayers even more so now that he’s in my belly. A lot of people have been asking me why/how I’ve managed to breeze through this pregnancy with a BIG SMILE on my face like 95% of the time, and I really have to say it’s because God has allowed for me to be surrounded by such radiant, positive, and loving women. I feel like a sponge just absorbing all your encouraging words and happy vibes. Salamat, salamat! 🙂 Our baby is so blessed to have you all as titas!


My mom is my parenting hero and she really is the ultimate PEG for me. She had me when she was barely 20 years old and my sister when she was 22. Just last week it hit me that at 32, she had a grade school graduate already. I’m turning 32 this month and I don’t even know the first thing about diapers! Aaaaakkkk! While raising me and my sister as toddlers, she was also running a successful preschool at the same time. I don’t know how she managed to do ALL that at such a young age but she did it with so much grace. All throughout my childhood and transitioning into the cray cray puberty/teenage years—there was just one thing that remained steadfast in my mom’s (and dad’s) parenting philosophy and that was for them to always point me and my sister to JESUS. And for that, I’ll always be grateful. Thanks mom for being such an inspiration!!!


It’s all your fault! Thanks for getting me knocked up, amigo! hahahahaha!!! Just kidding! Thanks for being the most amazing tag team partner in this journey. You have made my pregnancy so much fun with all your silly antics and jokes. Thanks for caring so much for me and our baby 🙂 You’ll be the most amazing dad for sure!


Each night I pray that this baby grows to love you more and more and that Patrick and I would be good and wise stewards of this precious gift. This boy belongs to YOU, Jesus. Thank you Lord for everything! Ayokong maiyak, so I’ll just save all my emo messages for God during prayer time. Hehehe 🙂 🙂

Okay, it’s time to wrap up this very emotional post. I have nothing but thankfulness in my heart 🙂

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  1. Congratulations again Ms Patty! Being a mother is such a blessing. You will see along the way that the journey has just started and a lot of good memories and wisdom will unfold. God bless

  2. I just knew this morning when I woke up as I was scanning through your instragram feed. It definitely brought me to tears upon knowing sooner you’ll be having your ray of sunshine already. I’m the happiest. Really!!! I just can’t contain it. I’m your number one fan since then, Pat! Kudos to you. So much love. XO

  3. Congratulations Ms. Patty! Enjoy motherhood! The most unexplainable happiness in the whole world. Excited to see “the Little Pats” 🙂

  4. Mukha akong tanga now, teary eyed by myself while reading this post =)
    I feel your overwhelming happiness. You truly deserve it! God is so good to His faithful and patient children. You both will make great parents no doubt about it.

    This happy post is so infectious. Keep up the positive hormones =)

    -from your avid reader and fan

  5. I’ve always been a fan and you are ultimately one of my life pegs! Congratulations!!! 🙂 You are timeless, Patty!!! Sana talaga makasalubong kita sa mall to have a picture taken.

  6. I’m nowhere near marrying and parental age (I’m just 22!) but the other day, I was thinking “Ohmygosh. I don’t want to be pregnant and to give birth. It’s just too scary”. But, reading your post reminded me of the true essence of being a mother, which I also hope to imbibe in the future: to bear one of God’s most precious gifts. 🙂 Thank you, Ms. Patty, for being such an inspiration! I know you’ll be such an amazing mom to your little boy. 🙂

  7. Congratulations Ms Patty! I am super happy for you and your hubby that your expecting already 🙂 I’m sure the baby will be very lucky to have such gun and loving parents 🙂 God bless you! I know you’ll rock at parenting 🙂 message me when you need a hat for future photoshoots hehe 🙂 -Lique, Honeybaby

  8. Hi Patty. So near na. excited to see the baby patty. Be sure to share with us your readers/fans baby patty. excited to read your blog about it soon. So happy for you.

    God bless always.

  9. U r truly so blessed ms. Patty☺ congratulations po. Im also pregnant to a twin baby boys and i can feel how excited u r. God bless po.

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