Our Office Ladies Brunch

When I like something, I obsess over it. Especially when it comes to restaurant discoveries— when I fall in love, I fall hard. I visited La Creperie for the first time a few weeks ago when my friend Bambi invited me for lunch. Since then, I’ve been back 3 times in barely 1 month! And that’s a LOT, even for me. Hihihihi. That’s how much I love this place. I love that it feels like a little secret hideaway right in the heart of Makati. I love that it reminds me of Paris. I love that the food is actually good. I love the high ceilings, the understated fixtures, and the soft morning light that shines through their huge glass windows. Maaaaan, I think I just over-used the word “LOVE” in this paragraph alone. La Creperie is conveniently located in Soliman Street, just across the Salcedo Village Park in Makati. 

So when I was planning our company ladies brunch, I immediately had La Creperie in mind. Since we’re a very small and compact company, we operate more like an extended family. These girls (and the boys too!) have become more like our “kids”—and that’s why they call me “Mommy Patty”! haha 🙂 This was definitely a long overdue brunch celebration—a little break from the crazy work months we’ve had lately at Thirty Six O. Of course, we can’t complain. We’re so happy to be busy and are extremely grateful for the overwhelming surge of projects from clients. Pat and I keep thanking God for blessing us with such a hard-working, efficient and fun-loving team 🙂  They are the heart and soul of our company and we really appreciate each and every one!

The girls and I had such a lovely time catching up over brunch. It gets quite packed by lunch time so if you’re planning an intimate get together with girlfriends—brunch is perfect or late afternoon too 🙂 
With my darlings, Bea and Jaresa.
I can’t wait to move into a proper house so I can have a chandelier just like this one 🙂
The busy and happy kitchen of La Creperie. Each meal is made with much love 🙂
Crepes, crepes, and more crepes! Their sweet and savory crepes are all so delicious. 
They also serve non-crepe entrees like pastas, soups, salads, and other main dishes. 
All the pretty ladies of Thirty Six O! We’re missing Karina here though 🙂 
Don’t you just love their pretty menu???
Thanks to my darling sponsors for providing the loot for my goodie bags! We got colorful bags from Shima Alibasa, Sunnies from F+G, VMV Hypoallergenics products, and personalized paper products from Talk About Prints! Talk About Prints made a set for each one: with a notepad, notecard, and gift tags! They have really nice designs to choose from and can even customize too. 
How adorable are these sunnies from Ferrin+Gruss!? They have lots of styles to choose from and all at very affordable price points! 
I am in love with VMV Hypoallergenics. They make the gentlest skin-friendly products. You have to try their Re-Everything Face-Hand-Body Lotion, I am obsessed with this! I need to get me an entire year supply of this stuff. Unlike other lotions that just sort of slip and slide on the surface, this lotion really seeps through your skin and keeps you moisturized for hours. Their BBBB cream is also great for the no-make up look 🙂
Fresh roses..Le Sigh!
This is such a photogenic restaurant–but my golly, it’s even prettier in person! 
Even their bathroom is instagram worthy 🙂 Hehehe!
The Angelina hot chocolate was totally divine!!! If you must break your diet, this will make it all worth it. Rich and creamy, it’s a chocoholic’s ultimate treat. 
My favorite is the Creme Brûlée Crepe—this is definitely one of their superstars in the menu!

With the beautiful and very hands on Christine who co-owns this beautiful restaurant with her dear friend Cheese 🙂 Christine was such a gracious host, checking up on us and making sure we were all enjoying our brunch! Thank you Christine for making your customers feel so special 🙂

Thanks again so much to the wonderful staff of LA CREPERIE in Salcedo Village! And to the ladies of Thirty Six O, thanks for being my awesome dates! Great food, great place, great company 🙂 What more could a girl ask for! 

We’re thinking of making this brunch date a regular monthly thing! We will call ourselves the TSO Brunch Club, naaaakkksss! Any suggestions for our next resto visit?:) Email me at pattylaurelfilart@gmail.com! We’d love to hear from you guys!:)

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