Our South African Safari

I rarely use the word “EPIC”,  in fact, I think I’ve only used it once in the blog. Out of respect for the word itself, I never use it lightly. I’ll call a fun weekend what it is— “a FUN WEEKEND” but never an “EPIC WEEKEND”–because that would mean it would be the weekend of all weekends, something that would be so life-changing and so mind-blowing you swear you would never ever see a weekend take shape that way ever again. I would never even dare. So yes, I have come to this moment—-where I have finally found a trip worthy of the overly used millennial term of 2015-2016  “EPIC” because indeed it was a trip of a lifetime. A trip that would be hard to beat. An experience that would be impossible to top. GAAAH. I still can’t believe it actually happened.

I could liken my fascination–well, borderline obsession–of South Africa to my heart eyes for Theo. Like a bibo mom (ME) who just can’t STOP talking about her child’s first tooth and the miracle of his first laugh, that’s exactly where I’m at right now with my LOVE for SouthAf! I mean just give me an opening and I’ll slip it in. Without even attempting to be subtle and smooth about it, I’ll just ram it in there for you to hear. It could be something so random like “Wow ang init sa labas ngayon” and I’d be like ” Oo ang init din sa AFRICA!!!! Pero sa gabi ang lamig din….blah blah blah SAFARI..bleh bleh LION…HYENA…” Bwahahaha! Yep, it has come to that folks. So I apologize in advance. I am lovesick over this gorgeous country and I want you all to discover the beauty of South AF as well. So I’ll quit my yapping and just leave you with these photos. Patrick and I worked our arses off to save for this trip and it was so much more than we ever dreamed of!!! And To my parents, the best Lolo&Lola, Thank you for always supporting our pockets of #MarriageFirst time by taking care of Theo!! We are forever grateful 🙂

So these are photos grabbed from multiple SD cards. To make the distinction, let this be your guide: Nat Geo=Carl, Conde Nast Traveller=Cat, Pat Dy Beauty Shots= Nicole/Jaime, the rest of the mediocre ones are by me. Hahahahaha!


Just a few tips for those who plan to take a similar trip:

  1. Make sure you book at least 6-8 months in advance. This gives you enough time to save and to do ample research as well. We were able to snag really good flight deals via Singapore Airlines (even cheaper than a flight to the States/Europe!) and we had enough time to work with the itinerary of our dreams.
  2. Work with a reputable tour operator for a stress free vacation. Patrick and I normally go for independent budget travel when we travel around Asia, Europe or the US. But since I had zero experience in Africa I felt it was best to go with a tour agency we could trust.  We booked our package via JERON TRAVEL (@jerontravel on Instagram). They worked with our budget and preferences and made the trip tailor-made just for our group. This trip was a couples’ vacay but they also have tours for families traveling with children too!
  3. Make sure you pack Safari Smart. The weather in the bush can be quite erratic, from extreme heat during the day to chilly nights/early morning so we worked with layers in neutral tones. The key is to blend with the surroundings as much as you can. Also, it’s important to invest in good footwear—Nicole, Patrick and I got our hiking boots from PALLADIUM in SM Aura. They were hard core and really comfortable too!

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