Our Starter Pad

  A few weeks ago, Pat and I visited our newly built condo unit. It’s a cozy little loft, just the right kind of small for the Pats. (It’s bigger in the photos and is actually cutesy-cute in real life, hehehe) The unit was the barest of bare, with nothing but windows, a decent sink, and a toilet bowl. But in the emptiness of our new “home” we found ourselves feeling even more filled with love and excitement about the life we would be building together. It’s a feeling that’s hard to explain—we had nothing but we had everything!! Pat even told me “Just think, in a few months..I don’t have to pick you up and bring you home to Alabang anymore..wooohooo! You’re coming home with me every single day!” *insert kiliiiggg*
  Listening to my parents’ stories about their first few years of marriage made me look forward to this “starting from scratch” phase. As newlyweds, my folks couldn’t afford a TV (it was very expensive back in the day) so they would just stare at the gold fish swimming in their teeny makeshift aquarium for hours and make up little stories to amuse themselves. They would visit the exact same department store for three consecutive Sundays to inspect the exact same electric fan and talk to the exact same salesgirl about it. These are the joys of starting a new life together..it’s unpredictable, uncertain, unstable, yet so magically exhilarating! Soon, Pat and I will have our own funny kawawang newlywed stories to tell! Technically, it’s still not HOME SWEET HOME since it’s still empty..but in time, it will be. 🙂
    God indeed has a sense of humor and his timing is impeccable. I received an email from Ethan Allen about a special design challenge. Since I’ve been a fan of Ethan Allen’s high quality furniture for some time now, it was an immediate YES for me. That’s all I needed to hear: DESIGN. CHALLENGE. Ok, I wasn’t too excited about the “challenge” part..because you know how challenges are, they’re so like…you know..what’s the word for it, hmm..CHALLENGING! Hindi ba mas masaya kapag “Home Design SISIW LANG ‘TO” or “Home Design YOU’RE A WINNER IN GOD’S EYES” ang tawag sa contest? Parang hindi masyadong promising yung dating ng salitang “Challenge”..medyo lang naman. 🙂
       I reviewed the mechanics and it was pretty straightforward and 100% do-able! The task was to select ONE Ethan Allen piece and design a whole living space around it, the person with the best design gets to keep that ONE Ethan Allen furniture piece! 
     I rarely join contests, because 1)I never win 2) I never EVER win!!!! *Flashback to my traumatic chinese garter days..teardrop* BUT because I’m a frustrated interior designer, whenever there’s a chance for me to sort of channel my inner design goddess..I grab it eagerly and excitedly! Hey, if Anne Curtis can pretend to be a singer for a day and sell out the whole of Araneta..then I should be able to be a pretend Interior Designer for a day as well! Much credit is due to my two Ethan Allen design coaches, Ana Vitangcol and Paula Monzon, who encouraged and motivated me throughout the week. Pat took some behind the scenes shots which I hope to share with you all in a few days 🙂 
My muse.
The Wooden Chest by Ethan Allen. 
 The inspiration:
Rue de Montmartre, Paris
Rue de Montmarte is my favorite street in Paris! 
The Product.
French Bohemian Romance 
by Yours Truly, DaPatty!
I wanted my Ethan Allen space to represent my personality, sweet and simple with an old soul. I used  my personal pieces like knick-knacks, travel souvenirs, books, and clothes just to make it genuinely MINE. The whole decorating and design process has been such a dream come true for me already BUT with YOUR help, I could actually win the contest and the Ethan Allen Wooden Chest will be The Pats’ very first piece of furniture!!!!:) 🙂 🙂 So, will you help me win this??? I see multiple nods..oh and a high five..NICE! 🙂 
A sincere request coming from the newly engaged couple:
Dear Friends, Families, Blog Readers, Kamag-anaks from the States, Officemates of my Dad, 
Officemates of my Batch-mates, Dogs and Cats of my Twitter Friends, Lahat ng Guard na tinawag kong “BOSS”, All the Bank Tellers I’ve said hello to, the rest of the 27 million Pinoys on Facebook…
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Each LIKE counts as a vote, so the more likes you can help me get..the better! 🙂 I’m up against 4 other superstar contestants so I desperately need you to keep my likes up!!! Please make sure you vote for my actual entry only 🙂 If you could leave a comment on the page of my Ethan Allen entry, that would be awesome too..I’d love to thank each and everyone of you 🙂 Maraming Salamat! You guys are the best!

12 Responses to Our Starter Pad

  1. Congrats to your love nest Ms. Pat! I just have to say you never fail to make me smile/laugh sa mga jokes mo. Natawa ako dun sa part na “because you know how challenges are, they’re so like…you know..what’s the word for it, hmm..CHALLENGING!” As in! 😀 We will support you in this contest Ms.Pat! Sigurado na ang panalo mo! :))

  2. Patty, you have to check out Alexis Skib. She’s an Interior Designer and she has this (insert superlative positive adjectives here) taste for furniture!!! I’m a HUGE fan of her. I’m sure you’re gonna love her, too. http://fifthfloorup.com Just flip through her blog. 🙂

  3. wow. your condo is a loft? ganda ng high ceiling! i’m sure you’ll fill it up with wedding gifts ;p

    been living with my bf (now fiance) for about 3 years, and we still haven’t filled up our condo with real furniture. and yes we don’t have a TV! but it’s our space and we love it 🙂 kahit na kumakalat siya at some point. haha!

  4. What a charming space! I love the loft layout. Vaulted ceilings, is that what they call it?

    Nica and I are preparing to move out of our first home, a small 38 square meter condominium studio in the New Manila area. We’ve spent the first 2 years of our married life there, and it’s gonna be a bitter-sweet parting. I remember walking in with pretty much nothing but a bed. Nica and I installed all the wall hardware and even painted the walls ourselves. One of my fondest memories is from a day, two weeks before the wedding, when we went into that apartment with a bucket of paint and an electric fan. And that was all we had 2 weeks before the wedding! haha

    PS. I voted for you na. 🙂

  5. hi patty, congratulations in advance. i voted for you already. is the condo a megaworld development? i’m looking for a condo myself and that looks so pretty.

  6. Best Wishes to you Patty and Patrick.. I really enjoy reading your blog, it’s as if naiimagine ko na nagkwekwento ka saken in person. 🙂 And I liked your entry to FB anf leave a comment too, sure win na yan!! 🙂

  7. congrats patty!

    “Hey, if Anne Curtis can pretend to be a singer for a day and sell out the whole of Araneta..then I should be able to be a pretend Interior Designer for a day as well!”

    — this cracked me up :))