Our Wedding Rings by Sun Jewel

My mother gave me a beautiful heirloom piece from my grandmother when I was in college, it was a vintage white gold ring with two diamonds intertwined. I never wore expensive jewelry growing up so to have my mom “pass on” these family treasures was so meaningful to me and my sister (who got another piece from my Lola Luz). It was actually a very slo-mo Mother and Daughters moment, with  the dramatic lines like “You will pass this on to your children, and to their children’s children…”. It was almost like a scene from The Joy Luck Club at kulang nalang may subtitles pa sa ilalim! Hahaha. Sadly though, the ring stayed in its box for more than a decade. It never made a full debut because it lay there stuck in a cold and lonely antique box. Then an idea came up while I was researching for designs for our wedding rings. I decided to just scrap the idea of having a traditional wedding band and chose to just come up with my own unique wedding ring that would allow me to use my grandmother’s  diamonds just to somehow infuse my family into this piece of jewelry which I will be wearing every single day. Patrick loved the idea of integrating a bit of family history and fully supported my “non-wedding band” concept. Yahoo!!!
Just as we were playing around with different ring ideas for a couple of days, I got a call from a good friend (and one of my fave makeup artists) Jasmine Mendiola who told us about Sun Jewel. A trusted jewelry brand, they’ve developed a very good reputation in the jewelry industry for selling only high quality and certified authentic pieces. Unlike most jewelry stores around the metro, Sun Jewel follows the strict standards that are implemented internationally–so you get your money’s worth for every piece you invest in. Now you all know I’m a penny pincher, but when it comes to jewelry (especially family heirlooms) you cannot SCRIMP on quality. It’s important to be wise when it comes to investing in jewelry. Do your research, explore your options, investigate. Don’t just settle for something simply because it fits the budget and looks sparkly enough..something sparkly doesn’t necessarily mean that it is valuable. There are many counterfeits out there so you have to take the time to educate yourself before making the big purchase. Since I was using my grandmother’s ring, it’s sentimental value definitely outweighed it’s actual monetary value. It’s easy to just buy a ring from any store if you have the buckaroos–but to replace a ring that was worn by generations of women before you, now that’s just impossible. So I had to be careful with it. It wasn’t a gigantic ring, it was very sweet and simple–and if you saw it you’d probably say “Oh…okay” but to me of course it was priceless. 
After hearing good reviews about Sun Jewel, Patrick and I decided to drop by their EDSA Shangrila store. We spoke to the Sun Jewel team, who gave us so many helpful tips in designing the perfect ring. They also invited us to visit their actual jewelry factory located outside of Manila, so we booked a date and set the field trip. So that field trip was today–and it was a very educating and interesting experience for me and Patrick. I was completely amazed by the workmanship of the skilled  jewelry makers of Sun Jewel. They definitely have what it takes to make world class jewelry–they were so meticulous and precise with each piece. And although they appeared very unassuming and modest, they just breathed excellence in their work. They took apart my grandmother’s ring and created a brand new one and I was just in awe of the whole process. I even chatted with the jewelry maker while he was working on the ring and he explained to me how difficult it is to design such a small art piece. He shared the importance of keeping his eye sight and hands in good shape as these are the body parts that are obviously overworked day in and day out. Napakahusay talaga nila! Seeing how much work goes into such a small piece of jewelry made me appreciate my wedding ring ten times more than I would have had if I just got it straight from the store. We’re getting both rings in a week (with our names engraved too!) and I CANNOT WAIT!We will post photos of the rings in a few months. In the meantime, I have my beautiful engagement ring to keep me company in my remaining months of singlehood. My engagement ring will be tucked away and preserved for my future son (sana!!!) to give to his bethrothed–naks, very Game of Thrones! Bethrothed! Love it!
Photos by my Iphone-tographer, Patrick.
Visit the SunJewel WEBSITE and check out their wedding bands, engagement rings, and other special occasion pieces!
Landline: +632-633-8888 loc. 2836 Mobile: +63917.8182737
G/F Edsa Shangri-la Hotel, Ortigas Center

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  1. thanks for sharing… i now have lots of ideas for weddings, so when my own time comes, it will be more easier to look for everything :D… btw,
    i just noticed, they also need to take care of their lungs… they should wear respirators especially those who are doing the soldering.

  2. “…something sparkly doesn’t necessarily mean that it is valuable.” <3 Truly. Thanks for replying to my e-mail.