Packing with Flight 001

Greetings from New York!!! I’m happily blogging from the Big Apple and I miss you all!:) You’ve probably seen me tweeting incessantly about my packing escapades a few days ago—it’s something I really set aside a big chunk of my time to do. I hate overpacking and carrying so many unnecessary things while in transit so it’s important for me to pack smart for a trip..both for short and long vacations. Let’s just say packing for a trip is both stressful and therapeutic for me as a travel bug. I’m sure most of you can relate!:)
So today, allow me to share my new traveler’s mecca—FLIGHT 001!!!:) I discovered their Bonifacio High Street store a few months ago while malling with my husband. The store caught my attention because it looked like an actual flight cabin in the middle of the mall! I really appreciate establishments with quirky and ingenius interiors so Patrick and I decided to take a look out of curiosity. We were greeted by the store clerks dressed as flight attendants “Welcome aboard!” and I found it really cute and cool at the same time!  
Within a few seconds I was going absolutely bonkers—they had all the items for OC travel aficionados. Things that you never thought existed, things you always wish you had, things that made your little travel conundrums magically disappear in a “poof”. Smart, innovative, travel friendly items! AND I must add “stylish” too, they come in modern styles and colors–suitable for the trendy jetsetter. 
They carry a lot of well known travel brands–my favorites would be ACE , WORLD TRAVELER, and HERSCHEL lines. They have everything from luggage, passport cases, toiletry kits, ipad&laptops, travel pillows, adapters, bottles& containers, and of course their best sellers are their smart storage keepers called SPACEPAKS! These are my favorites!!!!!! They keep your things neat, tidy, and in place. My maleta had several space pak systems inside—it felt like a little village with little homes for my things. There’s just this happy fuzzy feeling knowing that you know where each thing belongs and that they’re in their proper place. Not only do they keep things organized, it saves you a LOT of space! I packed my 2 weeks worth of clothes in just one space pak and it occupied just 1/4 of my luggage! Amazing 🙂
In a few days, I will be visiting the New York headquarters of Flight 001 so I’m really psyched about that! I will be blogging about this soon. In the meantime, check out this quick video featuring items I got from Flight 001 🙂 Wishing you all a great summer of fun, adventure and happy packing!!! For more details, you can visit their website here

Special thanks to FLIGHT 001 and Primer Group!
FLIGHT 001 is located in Bonifacio High Street and Shangrila Edsa Mall.

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  1. hi ms. Patty

    nice video featuring flight 001 products,very catchy!
    btw, may I know what the title of song you used? can’t get the tune out of my head.
    thanks! God Bless!:)