Pamper Day for the Bride-to-Be

One of my dearest friends Muffin is getting hitched next month to her long time sweetheart Don. They’ve been together for an eternity so this wedding is something we’ve all been looking forward to! As a very hands-on bride, Muffin’s been busy with all the wedding preps and details so I figured it would be nice to just have a little pamper session for her. So Alessa, Gin, and I joined her for a quick mani-pedi session at MAKE ME BLUSH Nail Spa. It’s a very girly little nail salon located at the 3rd floor of Hemady Square Building in E. Rodriguez. 🙂 It was actually my first time to visit this nail spa (I just saw their FB page through my friend Vannah) so I was pleasantly surprised to see how pretty it actually is. You can ask them to close down the whole space for you so you can enjoy a bit of privacy (and chit chat away while you have your nails done!). For bigger groups, you can avail of their SPArty packages here I really loved the service at Make Me Blush so I hope to drop by again soon to try their other treatments. 🙂 

I wish we had more time to enjoy all the other services but Alessa and Muffin were rushing to Araneta for the UAAP game–and boohooohooo for me, I had a long list of errands and work commitments to do. Hayyy, sometimes I wish I didn’t have to be such a grown up. But I was still thankful for the one hour pampering and bonding session. It was indeed a welcome break from my very stressful work week. And of course, it was wonderful to catch up with my college friends–kahit bitin na bitin! They’ve been my friends for almost 15 years now and I just love these ladies so much! Muff, a few days to gooooo! We are so excited for you 🙂 🙂

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