Spring in Paris



I just remembered I had a whole album of photos from my previous trip that I forgot to share on the blog, so tadaaaahhh! Here you go! Patrick flew home to Manila ahead because he had to go back to running the business, while I stayed for 10 more days to help my mom babysit my nephew Cesco. I fell in love with Marais, Pere Lachaise, Madeleine, and Neiully sur Siene. We’ll be visiting my sister and her cute little family again for the holidays and I’ve been counting down the days! I can’t wait to see Paris in the winter!
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  1. Oh! Soo wowww. I’m into reading anything i find interesting and yours is worth the time. As if i have been into these palaces also. Thank u for sharing. Keep up! God bless!

  2. OMG! Oscar Wilde’s tomb. Such a priceless opportunity to have paid homage to one of the great writers the world has ever known. 🙂

    Lily-like, white as snow,
    She hardly knew
    She was a woman, so
    Sweetly she grew.

    Requiescat, Oscar Wilde

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