Paris Photo Diary

Bonjour from Paris!!!! I’m back in the City of Lights and spending another 9 days in this beautiful city..although I’m a bit sad that Patrick had to head home earlier for work, I still consider myself very blessed to be able to enjoy my vacay a little bit longer (but not too long! Separation Anxiety!) As promised, I’ll try my very best to update my blog with snippets of our trip—so please do check in from time to time if you can. It’s always nice to sort of virtually travel along with you guys and receiving your sweet emails really makes blogging all the more fun for me. 

Today, I’d like to share some photos from our first stop: PARIS. You’ll have to bear with the amateur photos, it’s back to my regular point and shoot for this blog entry–a far cry from the photos I posted last week by ULA our guide/photographer. But these pictures were shot with love, so I hope you’ll appreciate the effort! Hehehe! 

As most of you know, my sister gave birth to my adorable nephew CESCO last December. And since our whole family is obsessed with this little fella (and it appears that he has fans on my IG feed too!), we all planned for this get together in Paris just so we could spend time with Cesco. It took months of planning, a LOT of scrimping and saving, and working double time to make this happen—so I praise God for allowing things to all fall into place. It’s not easy to save up for a trip so when we do get a chance to travel, we have nothing but gratefulness in our hearts 🙂 Traveling (here&abroad) may be a luxury, but to me it’s really more about investing in lasting memories—which of course, is priceless. 

So the game plan was to spend a week in France with my family (aside from Paris, we also did a road trip which I will write about next!) and then romancing time with ze hubby in Barcelona and Croatia immediately after. So I’ll be sharing photos in installments. Hopefully it helps you in planning your next European holiday!

I loved staying at The PLATINE HOTEL. It was the perfect home base for us 🙂 
You can book this hotel via Agoda and score a good deal.
My sister and her little family live in a cute and cozy flat just two streets away from the Eiffel Tower.
My bro-in-law Stefano (who we fondly call Chefano) prepared pasta for our welcome lunch. Yummy as always!!! Chefano always wows us with his dishes.
I channeled my inner Amelie and visited Montmartre with Patrick. Although very touristy, it’s still a place to visit. A lot of famous artists worked in this neighborhood from eons ago. The likes of Dali, Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet and Mondrian all have a bit of history in Montmartre. To this day, you’ll find a lot of artists in the area—who knows you might be able to snag a painting from the next Van Gogh! Aside from the artsy vibe, you also get one of the best views of the city from Montmartre since it sits on top of a hill. Visit the Basilica of the Sacre Coeur and prepare to be amazed! It was a bit gloomy due to the rain but seeing Paris enveloped in gray was still so romantic—or maybe I was just being that annoyingly cheesy misis who wants to make every little thing romantic?! Hello, this is PARIS people! Bawal ang mga robot dito! It’s all about FEELINGS!!! Hahaha!
You’ve probably noticed it by now but just in case you haven’t, Patrick and I have been wearing BENSIMON sneakers all over Paris. They’re incredibly lightweight and stylish, they work well with ANY outfit, which is why we chose to travel with them for this trip. Since we were in Paris, I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to visit their headquarters. It was a brief but fun meeting with the team behind the iconic French shoe brand. I’ll be posting more on this soon!
Thank you Natalie and Audrey for my cute scarf 🙂 🙂
No visit to Paris would be complete without a trip to the LOUVRE museum. I’m sure you all know how massive the LOUVRE is–it’s about 60,600 square meters so you get the picture. It is home to almost 400,000 works of art but only 35,000 are on display. But come on, 35,000?!?!?! How can one even digest all that?! They say it would take months for you to actually explore each and every piece on display so if you don’t have that much time—then I suggest you take a guided tour with the highlights instead. Since Patrick and I only had a few hours to spare (our IT was cray cray), I just purchased tickets online for the Skip the Line Tour (easy to google!). It’s a bit more expensive than buying the tickets at the museum itself but with the lines that stretch til forever, it was definitely worth every penny. And please do pay a bit extra for a guide, it will make the experience much more meaningful if you have someone who can thoroughly explain things to you.
Like I’ve shared before, my parents used to drag us to museums as kids so museum visits have become somewhat mandatory for me. When other kids my age would spend time in clothing and toy stores, amusement parks, and gaming arcades—we’d be in some art, science, historical museum getting our nerd on.  Ang corny talaga but that’s how we were raised and it’s something that I’d like to pass on to my kids in the future as well. I’ve been to many museums in my 31 years but I still don’t consider myself an art sophisticate—I don’t know much about all the high brow hulabalooo! I just like ART&HISTORY because it’s nice to look at, it makes me smile, it broadens my taste for things, and more than anything it allows me to see how people lived back in the day, what inspired and frustrated them at that time, and how it points back to things we experience in the present. There are so many things we can learn from the past that can greatly affect how we live today and what decisions we will make tomorrow. 
The Mona Lisa is actually much smaller in real life but still a beauty nonetheless. Here’s Patrick trying his best to get a picture near Mona, it was so crowded!!!
What an amazing coincidence. Napoleon died on MAY 5, 1821 at exactly 5PM…and guess where we were on May 5, 2014 at exactly 5PM?!?! We were here!!!! In Napoleon’s Throne Room at the Louvre! AMAZING or UHHH-UHH-MAZING?!?!! I love historical moments that link back to the present! I’m such a sucker for things like this! Hehehe, kababawan.
I have a little over a week to explore PARIS on my own (without Patrick huhuhuhu) so I hope to discover more off the beaten path destinations in the city in the coming days. Stay tuned for more posts about our French road trip, Barcelona and Croatia! Oh and since most of you have been asking for some packing tips, I’ll sit down for a decent post on that too. Thanks again for sharing this experience with us!

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  1. There is a little chapel off boulevard du palais that has the loveliest interiors with its stained glass. Its at the back of some big building on the front. Its called Sainte Chapelle. Definitely worth a visit. Most tourist will go notre dame church but this one for me is such a stunner 🙂