They call us a Party-in-a-Box because you could put us anywhere and we’re SURE to have a ball. We’ve known each other all our lives and I simply can’t picture myself without these three stooges!

I met Kat when she was only 9, I taught her arts & crafts when I was still a teen…despite our age gap, we’ve grown really close (almost like sisters) through the years and I’m proud to say that sometimes she’s even more sensible than I am! She’s really wise beyond her years. 🙂 I really have NO patience dealing with angst-y teenagers with issues, I have such a low tolerance for kids with emo-boy crazy-the world is horrible-I’m gonna be mean to everyone around me-I hate my parents-phases! Haha! So Kathleen was the only kid born in the 90s that I could deal with..because she was always a good natured kid. She’s well loved by her peers, always a hit with the boys, a smart chick, she knows how to have FUN and extremely close to her family and God.. hayyy, sana ganyan lahat ng bata!!! (Nanay Patty is that you?!)

“The Muffmeister” as I like to call her. She’s the most responsible and organized person I know. She’s also a teacher which is why we both share a love for children. I grew closest to Muffin in our last year of college, we were thesis mates and spent endless nights SPSSing our way to a decent grade. We also traveled across Europe together and had quite an adventure when we were fresh out of college. Muffin is a nurturer, she takes good care of everyone dear to her..talagang “maalaga” is the term. She’s every guy’s peg for a dream girlfriend! I remember one time she even baked me an oreo cheesecake just to cheer me up! But don’t be fooled by her sweet demeanor…she was voted “Gimik Queen” (not princess..but QUEEN!!!) by our entire batch upon graduation! May hard core party girl past yan! Tsktsktsk 🙂 I was voted “Crush ng Bayan” (oh yeahhhh..believe it or not, benta ako nung 2004! hahaha) AND “Most Talked About Senior”—meaning ako yung pinagchichismisan ng mga tao?!?! Hindi ata magandang award yan ah..explains all my singaws! Yes, we were sooooo COOLIO IGLESIAS back in the day! Hahaha..and now we’re a bunch of lolas!

Zexbam. The time we met was when the Tom Jones’ song “Sex Bomb” was blasting on the airwaves, so it seemed fitting to call each other that. (hwwaaat?! why?! ah basta!) She is my partner in ALL TRUE best friend and life coach! She’s my MOJO booster! Hahaha. We can keep ourselves entertained in the most bizaare places. We once got a room in Sofitel and spent the whole afternoon watching MTV and dancing (following all the choreo..step by step) to Chris Brown and the PussyCat Dolls. I even got injured during our “performance” because I fell off the bed! (Yes, we made our bed..”our stage”) We both have the same twisted sense of humor..I think this is what made us popular in school. If other girls were known to be hot, kami yung sikat dahil kalog at sayad! Alessa is the creative genius of our group. She’s a graphic designer, a painter, a jewelry designer, the vegan Martha Stewart rolled into one! In fact, she’s responsible for the layout and design of this blog!


I decided to talk about my best friends because I noticed that many young girls (and boys) tend to take friendships for granted nowadays. Friends are more than the people you drag out on a Saturday night. Sure, many will be willing to share a few drinks with you, you’ll probably dance together til 5 am and they’ll probably like whatever dumb facebook status you put on your wall..but what happens when all the fun stops and you are faced with serious life dilemmas, who do you turn to then? Surrounding yourself with people who are GOOD to you and GOOD for you is always your best bet. If you’re picky with the clothes you put on, you should be picky with the people you hang out with too. There are only two types of friends: 1)People who bring out the worst in you 2)People who bring out the BEST in you. I’m happy to say that my girls are the latter. Now, let’s make some friendship bracelets and paint our toe nails!!! wooopeee!

We love to: EAT and LAUGH. You’ll find us regularly in Pipino doing dance sequences and re-enactments with about 7 plates of different dishes on our table. We’re a riot when the four of us are put together! Another thing we love to do together is have our nails done…it’s a MUST for girls 🙂 I love having clean toes and clean fingers..ALL the time! It’s nice to have deep and meaningful conversations with my girls while doing something really kikay and shallow. It sort of balances things out. Hahaha:)
As a treat to you and your best friends, I’ll be giving away an 

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6 Responses to Party-in-a-Box

  1. its nice that you post about friendship..indeed you are right, others tend to take their friends for granted..your entry remind me of my friends..its just sad that we were not be able to spend time together more often because of work and distance..thanks po for reminding me that i had a great friends!.continue to be a blessing to everyone ms.patty! :))


  2. No matter where you end up on the blogosphere or whatever you decide to do with your life, it’s always a treat to read your entries.

    I especially liked this entry because I’ve been friends with my barkada since we were in 4th grade. That’s roughly 15 years and even though we rarely see each other in person anymore (one is in Cebu, one is in the UK, one is in Singapore and only 1 other is here in Manila with me), it’s like nothing ever changes when we see each other again. It’s always and ever will be a great time. I know that whether we’re far apart or not, we’ll always be there for each other in good and bad times.

    I wish you and your friends the best of years to come. 🙂

  3. hi ms patty. where can i buy Orly? I am based in Batangas City and I would appreciate very much if you could share with me where I could find this product in case I am in Manila.
    Thank you and God Bles you more! I love your blogs. so light. so happy!

  4. I liked this post Patty. I’ve been living in the states for 5 years but still keep in touch with my HS barkada and my best friend. There’s such comfort in talking to people who already know you well enough and hindi mo na kailangan mag-explain 🙂

  5. Joined. Hope to win. I would love to treat my friends to a “nail art session” especially my sister who will celebrate her birthday on August 5. She really loves nail arts and nail designs 🙂