Partying with Bono Gelato


As you have probably noticed with all my previous IG posts, I’m a HUGE Bono Gelato fan!!! 🙂 🙂 It’s possibly the only local gelato brand that I’ve been a faithful follower of. Headed by the talented (and Anne Curtis lookalike) Zarah Manikan and my dear friend Treena Tecson, Bono Gelato keeps things exciting and fresh by constantly introducing new and creative flavors. It was such a dream to have our very own BONO GELATO cart at our #CudslyXPattyKelly Shower last week! It was a total smash hit with our guests, the perfect “cool down” treat on that sweltering Thursday afternoon. 🙂 Our guests were treated to free flowing Cioccolato (for dark chocolate lovers, smooth and indulgent), Movie Night (for the salty and sweet type, with caramel, malt and potato chips) and my personal fave: Kookie Monster (in a bright blue color this has cookies, chapatis and marshmallows)! If you would like to host a Gelato Party at your next private occasion, just drop by any BONO GELATO store to make arrangements or visit their FB page HERE to inquire 🙂 Thank you again so much TEAM BONO for celebrating with us! Check out our photos by HAPPY FOLKS STUDIO. I’ll be posting more pictures from our joint baby shower in a bit!!!
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