Patrick’s Anniversary Surprise


Darling, I’m surprised you actually managed to pull off this surprise! (Is that sentence redundant?! hehe) I had zero inkling, you were your usual deadma self and so I was completely floored by this. I love that you made such a huge effort for our special day. So sweet!!!! Thanks to my girls Bing, Bernice, Marge and bro RG for helping Pat transform our backyard into a mini-Antonios–with romantic lights pa and fancy food! Nakkkks 🙂 🙂 You guys rock!!!P1380193 P1380195P1380221 P1380197 P1380214P1380233 P1380236P1380246P1380251

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  1. This is super sweet! You really hit the Jackpot with Patrick and to super adorable Theo! God bless you more my favorite blogger ever! 🙂

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