Patrick’s One True Love

There’s one girl who always has Pat’s full attention..and folks, it’s not me. Sadly, she wins by a landslide in the cuteness department. I tried wearing a small ribbon on my hair the other day and for some odd reason it didn’t come out as CUTE as I had hoped. Her name is Audrey and she is Pat’s niece and god-daughter, and yes, the apple of his eye. 🙂 Thanks to all of you, our proposal video has been reaching thousands of hits on YOUTUBE and one of the stars in the video is little Audrey! Yep, that was her holding up the “SIGE NA PLS” signs with Mateo. 
Audrey’s face has graced Pat’s profile picture, wallpaper and screensaver! And in no time, she’ll be in a billboard someday her very first (unofficial) endorsement for Tropicana Twister right here. Hehehe!:) Tropicana sent me a few bottles of their NEW SPECIAL FLAVORS the other day so I decided to serve it to our little guest over merienda. And wow, it was an instant hit with Princess Audrey that she gamely posed with the bottles right after tasting it. Our other guests loved the 2 new flavors as well!
Tropicana Twister comes in 2 new Limited Edition flavors. Apple Lemon has a nice citrus zing to it, it’s actually a blend of apple, white-grape, peach, pear, kumquat, and lemon. Red Fusion on the other hand has deeper flavors of pomegranate, apple, red grape, and peach. I suggest you trek to your local grocery soon to grab these new flavors! They’re actually a great alternative to serve to kids for family get togethers and parties instead of the usual soft drinks because it’s made of real fruit juice 🙂 You can even get a bit fancy for your adult guests and serve the juices in pretty cocktail glasses, slip in a flirty umbrella and maybe a lychee and cherry too..and VOILA!!! Start the year right with these new refreshing drinks from Tropicana Twister! Happy 2012 guys, cheers to more adventures! 🙂
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3 Responses to Patrick’s One True Love

  1. Patty, congratulations and best wishes to a new chapter in your life. Reading your blog is like having a group date with your girlfriends na nagkwekwentuhan whether it’s fashion, love, family and great adventures! i’m so happy for you :)I know you are a great gal and deserve this happiness that every girl could dream off…To happy endings 🙂