#PattyLaurelBlog Launch Picks

For my blog launch, I wanted to surprise my girlfriends with my favorite picks of the season. These are items that I’ve been crushing on for the past month. So here are the items that made it to the giant BAYONG that each guest took home. And of course, I also shared some items with my readers too (thanks for joining my contest on IG last week). So to all my blog launch sponsors, THANK YOU for being a part of this milestone in my life!!! Virtual hugs!

Suiteblanco, one of my favorite Spanish clothing brands, treated my guests to a shopping spree in their SM Aura branch on the day of the launch. Each girl received a GC and a statement necklace too! I’ve been a big supporter of this brand ever since they started! Thank you Miki Espe!:)


Another partner in our “Shopping Spree Field Trip”, Kiehl’s gave my friends their best selling Ultra Facial Cleanser and Lotion too. Kiehl’s is my go-to-store for items that are fuss free. They work perfectly with my sensitive skin and have other variants for dry, combination and oily as well.


I collaborated with good friend, Bea Marquez (the one responsible for my awesome blog logo and these beautiful photos!), and commissioned her to design a bespoke line exclusively for my blog launch. We worked closely with PRINT CAFE for these notebooks and this cute storage box which was quite a hit at the launch! To the Mishukus, thanks for making our design dreams come true! Print Cafe also makes wedding invitations, notecards, calendars, etc. 

Another bespoke item on the list is this COME WASTE YOUR TIME WITH ME fragrance especially formulated by BC FRAGRANCE. The design is also by Bea. Ganda diba??? They worked on our beautiful giveaways (custom room scents) for our wedding so this is my 2nd collabo with them! Thank you again, B!launchproduct-1

The first time I laid eyes on these candy colored ear plugs, I fell in love. Happy Plugs from Stockholm is available at PowerMac Center and comes in different colors like gold, black, aqua, etc. As most of you know, I’m a Power Mac Center brand ambassador—so their support meant so much to me!


Another brand I have been loyal to for years now, PIANDRE SALON, also showed lots of love for our ladies! They gave each girl a Cover Your Gray tube, Barielle’s French Mini Kit, Teknia Hair Products, and of course—my favorite DRY SHAMPOO from Keratin Complex. For those who have been asking about my hair color and cut, I have all my hair and makeup done at Piandre Salon in BGC! Look for Jane for makeup, she’s my favorite! Thanks again to Drea and the Zulusibs for all the loot!


The perfect T shirt brand–THREAD 365–spoiled us rotten last Wednesday! They gave away shirts from their Holiday Collection. The girls were so lucky to get first dibs! These shirts are available in Common Thread Greenbelt and Rockwell.


Who doesn’t love HAPPY SKIN?!?! Come on?! The brainchild of Jacq and Rissa, supermoms and career women, this brand is fun, playful and pretty. Thank you Rissa for encouraging all the girls to JUST SAY YES with these pretty lippies!


Everybody’s favorite flip-flops, Havaianas, was also a part of my blog launch! Each guest received their own pair of Havaianas! This palm tree design just screams “Take me to the B-E-A-C-H”!

launchproduct-15Another very special and personalized gift that our guests were swooning over, this white leather clutch by NIQUA. Thank you Bunnie for putting the initials of each guest on each envelope clutch! And thanks for joining our blog too! If you’d like to make your own #BespokeNiqua, visit their IG for more details.

launchproduct-17Thank you Amina for sharing some designer loot with us! 

And of course to round up our list, some guests won these Wanderskye Luggage Covers! These are perfect for jetsetters and travelers. The luggage covers are so practical and attractive too, just slip it over your maleta and VOILA. You have a protective sleeve for your suitcase that will save it from minor bumps and scratches plus it’ll make it so much easier to spot in a sea of luggage.


 And of course, MY FAVORITE chocolate chip cookies from KALOOKIES made it to the tummies of all our guests too!ZAM_7409 copy

Again, thank you to all my dear friends who supported this launch by providing their best sellers! I’ll plan a party for my blog readers next time so I can share the happy loot with you guys too 🙂 🙂 Thanks Bea Marquez for the photos!

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  1. Hi Patty!

    I love visiting and reading your blog. My day won’t be complete without a daily dose of party laurel..haha. More power to you and may you continue to inspire and empower women out there. I hope to come on one of your parties too…

  2. I really dream of “hanging out” with you, Idol Patty, so I hope I can have a slot in one of your future parties for your loyal blog readers – like me! 🙂

  3. Hi Patty! Congratulations on your new blog!
    Everything looks so chic and elegant. 🙂
    I hope I can meet you someday or come to one of your blog
    reader parties. haha. :)) Continue being an inspiration. 🙂

      • Congratulations Patty! I’m so happy for the rebirth of your blog! I will never get tired of thanking you for inspiring us everyday with your blog posts. We, your readers are so blessed because we are getting more than what’s inside those loot bags. We are blessed by your words and experiences. Thank you for being so generous. May God bless you more and more. 🙂

  4. I super love reading your blog! you’re an inspiration, a daily dose of happiness and wisdom 🙂 I hope you still remember Watson event switch and save.. I was your partner in games guess the price 🙂 forever fan here!

  5. Congratulations to the new blog layout.. Very dainty and chic.. I have been a reader who followed transitions of your blog and I should say it’s getting better and better.. Looking forward on you post everytime to lighten up and sum up my day as a work at home mom. God bless and more power. – mhine

    • Thanks! Being a WAHM is such a blessing to me.. Btw, a party for blog readers like me looks cool. It’s like meet and greet Patty Laurel-Filart fans day..lol.. Hope I could join if given a chance.. Have a blessed Sunday.

  6. Congratulations for the new look of your blog…i enjoy reading your blog. It entertains me and keeps my mind away from the tensions happening here in Libya…I hope to be a part of your blog events when I get home… Keep it up…

  7. Hi patty,

    I love your blog! Just have a question where can i order the bag you designed for nique? Am in california and i love your design.
    Thank you in advance and congratulations to your beautiful website!

  8. Hi Ms. Patty! I am a fan of your blog ever since and I am happy to find out that you have a new one, which is great as ever. I find your entries very entertaining and at the same time inspiring, I love reading them. I would like to share that it was my first time to visit your new blog last week and was particularly going to a rough time when I read your welcome entry and caught on the phrase “Allow God to sweep you off your feet”, it was all i needed to read to make me feel better and I keep repeating that after. Thank you for sharing that and inspiring me and a lot more women. God Bless you!

  9. And here I am again, congratulations Ms. patty. Again and again na ang pag congrats ko dahil bongga talaga ang blog at ang launch mo! :)i think I never told you when you replied onmy email years ago that I was so kilig whenyou did reply because I was never expectingit. Thank you so much for that. It makes me feel like I know you and that you know me na. Hahaha I too hope to see you in person.

  10. I can feel the love the went not only in curating the goodies in the wonder bayong but just the over-all expeeience your girls experienced during the renaissance of the blog. Renaissance talaga?! Hahaha! Love is in the details talaga. God bless. More power!

  11. Hi, Patty! 🙂 Congratulations again for the “rebirth” of your blog. I’m always anticipating on your new post/s everyday. 🙂

    Thank you once again for being such an inspiration to everyone. I’m one of your avid readers since you’ve started. 🙂 I always asked Tonichi before about you. 🙂

  12. Hi Patty! This is my first time to drop by your page. I must say Rica (Peralejo-Boni) was right. It is really worth wasting my time reading your blogs. You’re a great writing. Keep on inspiring everyone! God bless you 🙂

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