Patty’s Top Ten at L’Indochine

You all know I LOVE LOVE LOVE Anthropologie. I visited my mecca in Chelsea Market last May and i just wanted to somehow find a way to melt into those plush sofas and live there forever. Of course, my husband Patrick was calling me out of the shop within minutes of my happy moment because we were running late for our New York Chocolate Tour. I said sorry for causing a delay—I mean I “ANTHROPOLOGIZED ” to him, wahahaha! Major life dilemma yung split second na yun ha…Chocolates or Anthropologie?!!?!?! Lord, WHY?! Why must you put me to the test?! I’m a good girl, I pray, I go to church, I give to the poor—BAKIT?!?! Of course I’m exaggerating here. 🙂

So you can imagine my delight when I discovered L’Indochine in SM Aura. My husband had a meeting at the SMX Convention so I decided to loiter around like a little mall rat to kill time. The store stood out in a row of mainstream shops. It looked homey, eclectic and unique so I decided to check it out. Hayyyyy. My Anthropologie fantasies came to life when I saw all these well curated pieces on the racks. In fact, I think they’re even better than Anthropology because well—they’re HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES!!!! And y’all know that the Philippines just happens to be the BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! Confirmed it already, sure na raw. 🙂 
A few weeks later, I got an invitation from Leona Panutat, 1/2 of The Inspiration Seekers. She owns L’Indochine with her equally pretty and fresh faced sister in law Charlene Carlos. We finally met at the store and we immediately hit it off! They’re so much fun to hang out with, it’s almost as if I’ve known them several lifetimes before (naks!). 

These two girls personally source each and every item available in this store. They take pride in being very hands on with their curating practice—talking to hundreds of merchants, craftsmen and artisans from all over the globe. They steer clear of commercialized stores and travel to far flung regions, often off the beaten path, just to find the most interesting vase, the most interesting necklace, the most interesting lampshade. I could tell that these girls are more than just entrepreneurs, they are taste connoisseurs. They leave the country for multiple “shopping trips” each year just to make sure their stocks are refreshed all the time. 

Now before you get intimidated, ops, ops. The best part is that since they go straight to the artisans themselves, they’re able to haggle for good prices for quality products. If you consider the shipping and transport costs, you’ll be surprised that these items are actually affordable. With 200 pesos you’ll find something cute and quirky to take home. Make it 800 and you’ll have a beautiful piece of art that will command an entire living room. 
I overstayed a bit at L’Indochine today (you will too, for sure!) so I decided to make use of my time to come up with my TOP 10 PICKS from L’Indochine. These are actually perfect gift suggestions, all very pretty AND affordable! If I stayed another hour, this would have been my TOP 20! Hahaha! Maybe next time, huh?
Patty’s Top Ten Picks

1) Gold and Silver Plated Bugs/Insect Brooches

For the “Girl who has Everything” kind of friend in your barkada. This is definitely more than just a brooch, it’s a conversation piece! C&L sourced this from the artist herself who carefully plates REAL insects in gold&silver to create these fashion forward pieces. 

2) Mantra Collection Necklaces and Bracelets 
Fresh from the shopping trip, C&L surprised me with a sweet little bracelet with “DREAM” emblazoned on it and I just knew I had to buy some more! These are great gifts for your best friends and soul sisters who need some words of encouragement.

3) Athens Jar 
This jar is already proudly displayed at our “landline station” in our condo. Greece is one of my favorite countries so this serves as a gentle reminder of their clear blue waters. You can give this to someone who has already traveled to OR who dreams of traveling to Athens/Mykonos/Santorini!

4) Textured iPhone 5 Cases 
Every one and his brother and his brother’s officemate has an iPhone, but with a little effort you can make your iPhone stand out! Why not snag these textured iPhone cases for your chic friends? My favorites are the snakeskin& zebra printed ones. 

5) Benjarong Cups
These intricate cups are not only pretty to display, they are also perfect for storing small clips, safety pins, coins or even usbs!

6) Ankara Cups and Pacifica Coasters
It’s time for your coffee /tea drinking peers to ditch those boring white mugs! Surprise them with these too pretty for words cups and coasters.

7) Antique Embroidered Clutch
My jaw dropped when I saw these clutches! The embroidery is absolutely divine. Trust me, your fashionista friends will love you even more if you hand this to them!

8) Pacifica Vase
These are surprisingly cheap but incredibly stylish in an organic, shabby chic kind of way.

9) Brass Hilltribe pompom bag charm
Cutie Patooties. They’re fun, frivolous and flirty. 3Fs for your fabulous friends! They immediately add spunk to any plain handbag. C&L gave me a pompom and it just makes me smile when I see it clinging on to my bag!

10) Lisu Pouch
Another affordable and very practical gift! You can store makeup, gadgets, school/office supplies in these colorful pouches. They come in many color combos, perfect for both guys and girls!

So there, I hope you liked my list 🙂 C&L helped me too of course! Now here’s some good news for you, my dear readers. It’s time for another generous giveaway!!!!! Thank you Leona and Char for agreeing to this! Peeps, pls scroll down if you want to put a smile on your face!
One Lucky Blog Reader will be treated to a shopping spree with Patty, Leona and Charlene at L’Indochine! You could start your holiday gift shopping OR you can get greedy and just hoard all the stuff for yourself!!! Hahaha! Either way, it’ll be a fun experience with these two tastemakers and ME! Syempre kasama ako!!! 🙂 🙂 
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3 Responses to Patty’s Top Ten at L’Indochine

  1. I love anthropologie as well! Very homey and cozy place. I love hanging out at their clearance section. Good to know we have something like it in the Philippines. Yehey for our enterprising kababayans 🙂

  2. I just shopped here last Friday with Carla while Sun Life had a townhall at SMX and OMG bye, budget! HAHA! I still have a lot of items I want to buy so I wanna join that contest of yours! 🙂