Perfect Pieces for the Home

We still have a few bare walls left to decorate and I’m still saving up for my dream bar cart (I waaaaant!!!), but this house already feels very much like a home. Patrick and I are both fans of light and airy spaces and so that’s what we were gunning for when we started decorating. A few months ago, we visited Pat’s brother in Bellevue, Washington and we were so impressed by how they’ve managed to keep a clutter-free home with 3 kids and no help! From what I observed, they were able to pull this off because 1) they only had a few pieces of furniture and decors, all aesthetically appealing AND functional. Each piece looked good but actually served a purpose too. 2) they made cleaning a daily habit–wiping, sweeping, dusting, clearing the table 3) they always returned things back in its proper place immediately after use–this practice is something I have to consciously act on to avoid the mountains of STUFF from piling  (kids packed away their toys after playing , bills and documents were filed properly, food was neatly stored, etc). We were so inspired by Mic and Paul’s home management skills, we were determined to follow suit here in Manila. Sure it means EXTRA work on our part and there are days when I’m just so exhausted and sleep deprived, cleaning is the very last thing on my mind—but we are trying and so far we are managing 🙂 Every time I feel like giving up on this whole idea, I just remind myself that if Mic&Paul can do it (in the States without any help!!) surely Patrick and I can manage too. We are so lucky to have help here, so yes, there really is no excuse. And the best reward after a LOOOOONG and TIRING day is to be able to come home to a clean house. If others dream of coming home to a mansion filled with expensive things—for me naman, I fantasize about cleanliness! Ang labo! Hahaha! Okay who am I kidding, I wouldn’t mind living in a mansion too! Mwahahaha!  But seriously though, it just immediately puts you in a good mood. I find that when our living space is clutter free, it encourages the clutter in our heads to dissolve as well. Again, our home is NOT immaculate and pristine, believe me we do get messy ALL the time (sometimes you have to cut yourself some slack especially with a newborn in the house! I don’t have impossible expectations, hehe!!), but it’s a space that is loved and cared for. I believe that our home is a huge blessing from God and I just want to be a good steward of it and not take it for granted.

So as most of you requested, here’s a sneak peek of our humble abode. I’m still working on decorating the rest of the house, so I’ll share snippets in installments. Hehehe 🙂

For our dining room and living room, I tapped PERFECT PIECES to design a custom mirror and cow hide rugs for us. I kept looking for designer mirrors and carpets all over the metro, but I couldn’t find pieces that would really suit my taste so I decided to just have them custom made–with the right dimensions and style that would work with our theme. I’m so happy with how they turned out. We get compliments from visitors all the time and it has become our home’s conversation pieces.

This mirror is Theo’s favorite, he loves looking at himself! Vain baby! Mwahahaha! It adds depth to our plain white wall and it also makes the space look bigger. You can have them design a mirror just for you or if you have a peg in mind—they can create one just like it! The workmanship was really good, with smooth and very clean lines. For the rugs, I got two cowhide pieces from them as well. It’s surprisingly easy to clean and low maintenance. It doesn’t collect dust as much as regular carpets too, which makes it perfect for a home with a baby. As long as you brush it regularly, you won’t have any problems. Plus the cowhide effect adds a tinge of luxury to any small space! It really transformed our living area into a more design-happy space. You can order from them by visiting their site or contacting I actually did everything online while I was 8 Months preggy and they made it so stress free for me! 
P1340990 P1350750


Another home addition that I happily received recently is this NUNA Curv Leaf from @onehappycub on IG. It sways from side to side in a calming motion, making it the perfect seat for my baby! It even matches our Perfect Pieces rug! hahaha! I’ll blog more about this soon 🙂

IMG_4027 P1350761

And finally, these TORCH candle and plant holders are LOVE! My friend Erika of TORCH had them custom made for me too 🙂 These are actually very versatile pieces and can be used indoors or outdoors, on a your table top, on the floor, or even hanging on your ceiling. You can find them in OUR HOME branches nationwide. 🙂


So there, just a few pieces that have made our house a HOME :)I promise to share more pictures when we get things done. Speaking of which, it’s time for me to go! We’re having some repairs done in the laundry area which I have to adios for now!

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  1. Hello Ms. Patty! Lovely pieces of furniture! ^_^ If I may ask, where did you get your sofa? I read somewhere that a small space could look bigger by putting in sofas with “legs”. Thanks! 🙂

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