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A few weeks ago, we got the ultimate surprise of surprises! My Home Magazine and Perfect Pieces sent us a genuine cowhide leather rug for our bedroom. For months, we’ve been trying to figure out how to fill up this “chunk of emptiness” in our bedroom. It lacked warmth and oomph, and we couldn’t seem to put our finger on it—basta may kulang. When the delivery came, I happily unwrapped the package and brought the rug upstairs and it FIT our room so perfectly! Our room now feels warm and homey thanks to this rug 🙂 Again, my deepest thanks to Maite Tamparong-Uy and Pam So-Suarez for this thoughtful gift. I love it, I love it! And I’m sure all you readers will love it too 🙂 🙂 

I won’t lie, it’s a bit on the pricey side since it’s made of the highest quality cow hide leather. I honestly would not consider this as just a “rug”, it’s really more of an art piece for your home that will last you forever. There are a lot of things you can scrimp on but beautiful things like this are definitely worth investing on, especially if you place a premium in your living space (like I do, or at least I try to! Hehehe). They have a lot of different designs available, but below are my favorites. And guess what, I pestered Pam So-Suarez endlessly (kulit is more the term really!) just so I could get a rug for YOU! Yes, YOU! I wanted to share the happiness with my lovely if you scroll down further you’ll see the mechanics for a special giveaway 🙂 Yehey, we could be rug-mates! We could call it our friendship rugs! hehehe! Thanks again Perfect Pieces for hosting this giveaway 🙂

You could win this 
genuine cow hide leather rug 
worth Php27, 950
from Perfect Pieces! 
Personal Note: This has got to be one of my favorites in the entire collection. With a 5 ft diameter, it’s such a bold statement piece that will immediately transform a ho-hum space into a stylish area. And since the colors are neutral, it’ll match any home theme. 

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