Personalized Keepsakes by Istorya

Hey friends! I’d love to share with you these beautiful pieces made by Joanna Gutierrez of Istorya. Clockwise: 1) 11-22-12 for our wedding anniversary, Fork&Knife for our food trips, a camera for our travel memories, and the star because I’m a superstar! Hindi ba?!?! 2) This one’s for my SIL Cecil with the names of her loves 3) This one’s for my MIL Rina with the names of all her children and grandchildren 4) Luggage Tags 5)The title of my blog on a keychain! 6)Hashtag necklace 7)A necklace I had made for my friend Dani 🙂 Don’t you just love them all?!! And they’re all very affordable too 🙂 So if you’ve been hunting for the perfect Valentines gift, then look no further. Just visit their Instagram Page to see more designs 🙂 Thank you again so much Joanna for putting so much love into these pieces!!! You truly are a talented designer 🙂

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