For My Future Scholar

The moms of Baby Barangay have been invited to engage with the country’s largest insurance company, Philam Life, for the past few weeks and I thought it would be good to share just some of my personal insights from our talk with them on the blog. Hopefully, by sharing here, I can encourage all you parents out there to also consider planning for your child’s education too. Patrick and I are still at the starting line and we have a LOOOOONG way to go, but I believe that if we stay faithful, it can be done and I wish the same for all the families out there too.

I come from a family of educators. My maternal grandmother was a school teacher, my mother ran her own preschool, my father was a Law Professor for 20++ years in Ateneo Law School, my sister currently works in a university in Paris, and even I at one point I was a preschool teacher and later transitioned to teaching an elective for 3rd-4th year college students in Ateneo De Manila. So it comes as no surprise that EDUCATION was always of primary importance in our family. Call me a nerd—but I actually loved going to school, being in school and thriving in school. As both a teacher and student, I was always enamored by the idea of learning something new each day and making daily connections.

Because I am a mother to a precocious 1 year old, I find myself with a new kind of kilig towards schooling—now as a parent to a future student. This time I’ll be on the outside looking in, merely a witness to all the milestones my son will be experiencing in school. A rush of different feelings come every time I think of Theo’s schooling journey and they come swinging from both spectrums. Half of me feels doubtful, anxious, petrified. With all the horror stories you hear about what happens with kids in schools these days, you can’t help but feel overprotective. Then half of me remembers the joy of schooling and my heart flutters with feelings of being giddy, hopeful, and fully committed. I think I need to work towards the latter—I don’t have control over every little detail but it won’t hurt to work towards a more positive experience for my son and at least have a 80-20 mindset. With 80 being the happy feels of course! 🙂 Hahaha!

My parents worked tirelessly for decades to give me and my sister the best education they could afford. Just thinking of the infinite hours my father and mother spent at work, their own dreams that they had to give up, and just standing firm and living a life of integrity while struggling to provide for our needs just brings me to tears. I think I could say THANK YOU a thousand times and it still wouldn’t be enough. This is the same gift my husband and I are committed to giving wholeheartedly to Theo. As cliche as it sounds, EDUCATION is a gift that bears no price tag. The fruit that it bears won’t even compare to the thousands you pay for tuition.

In my next post, I’ll be sharing more about the Philam Life Future Scholar Program. It’s a specialized program that allows parents (or even grandparents) to set aside their hard-earned money towards their child’s education. It has two components: 1) Guaranteed savings which can be allotted for your child’s schooling AND 2) Investment that provides a long term growth potential through access to expertly managed funds. This is already available through all Philam Life agents and you can find more details on But I’ll make sure to get all the information needed for the next post and try my best to write more extensively on the topic soon. Keep you guys posted!

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