Philippine Fashion Week

2011 has been a year of many little firsts, one of them is catching the Philippine Fashion Week live! I’ve been invited a couple of times before but I never felt “fashion-y” enough to actually pull off a look that would be worthy of a front row VIP pass. But since I got personal invites from friends who were organizing and participating in this year’s fashion week, I knew I had to bring my A-game on to show my support for my very talented buddies. And since Patrick has never been to PFW before too (or any fashion show, period) I felt more confident being a fashion first timer with him. It was so funny getting ready for the first show, I was scrambling through my closet looking for something simple and chic to wear..while Patrick was watching video tutorials on how to work on his necktie on YouTube. It was like we were in a makeover show na low budget kasi kami nalang mismo ang nag-makeover sa sarili namin! But I must admit, we didn’t look completely out of place..we looked quite stylish!:) And, and, and!!! The whole night, I stood up straight! Hindi ako kuba..because I was sossy for a night and sossy people always have good posture! What do you call a person who loves fashion? Eh di, FASHIONATE! Nyehhhhh!!!:) Buti nalang I didn’t joke it to the stylish peeps at Fashion Week, baka ma Fashion Police pa ako! “Corny jokes are so last season!”
I wish I could’ve gone to ALL the shows but because of this little thing, oh this not so important thing, called WORK..I couldn’t. But we did manage to attend the shows of SM Ladies Wear (my favorite!!! I love SM!!!), Veejay Floresca, and Sony’s Luxewear. 

I was so overwhelmed by all the gorgeous clothes!!! Filipino designers are so talented and it’s such a shame that we pay too much attention to the International fashion scene and never support our local creative geniuses. Hayyyy, if only I had the money to wear Filipino couture fashion everday..I would! I should commend the team behind the Philippine Fashion Week for organizing this every year, it’s so good to finally have our OWN venue for local designers to showcase their work to the Filipino market. 
The Filart boys: Fashionisto Fail at the Luxewear Show.
True Beauties Karen Pamintuan, Amber Davis, Cesca Litton and Nicole Hernandez…
Oh and that other girl. Who you?! Hahahaha!!!
Thank you SONY PHILIPPINES for our awesome Cybershot Cameras!
The Philippine Fashion Week was such a wonderful experience! I’m glad I had some of my girlfriends to keep me and Patrick company too..I was able to rub off their coolness throughout the week. Even if you’re not a big fashion freak, it’s still very interesting to watch. There are so many elements that go into each show, the lights, the props, the background’s more than pretty girls sashaying down the runway, it’s almost like watching a theatrical performance. 
Paano na yan guys, I guess STYLISH na talaga ako!!! Hindi ko na nga alam kung paano maging UN-STYLISH. That’s sooooo in my PAST. Nakita niyo ba ako sa StyleBible?? Seeeeee!!! It’s confeeeeermed, I’m in the Bible of Style thus making me fashionably relevant! In your face grade 4 seatmate who made fun of my Tweenets floral cycling shorts!! 🙂 Next year, when I attend the PFW again..I could look at all those newbies and roll my eyes at them like a true fashion snob, “Ugghhhh..first timers!” HAHAHA!!! Oooohhh, I can’t waaaaaaaaiiiiiitttt. I think I should wear a feather boa next year..or maybe I’ll just wear a BOA. An actual Live Boa Constrictor wrapped around my body..covering all my lady parts. And maybe I’ll ask Patrick to bring a boom box and play Britney’s “I’m a slave for you”while we walk around para all eyes on ME talaga!!! You know being a fashion icon is HARD work. It’s all about blood, sweat, and snake tears! But snakes don’t cry because they’re bad ass. Haven’t you heard the expression “Big snakes don’t cry”? 

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  1. i love this entry! i also wanted to attend fashion events like this when i grow up!though i’m not really a fashion freak..


    i can’t wait for the boa! hahaha…