#PHPlaydate for Luis&Alonzo

Thanks again to our awesome friends from PANCAKE HOUSE for helping the #BABYBARANGAY celebrate Alonzo and Luis’ birthdays this September! We had A BLAST AND A HALF playing at Active Fun BGC and of course, the main highlight was our super busog-to-the-max merienda at Pancake House in Burgos Circle. We had the works!!! 🙂 🙂 From their best selling Spaghetti and Grilled Cheese Sandwich (always a hit with our kids), Salisbury Steak, Pan Fried Chicken (gaaaaah, PMSing and I want this now! With gravy!), Pork Chop (the dads enjoyed this!), Pancakes, and their new Mac&Cheese with Chicken Tenders which the kids devoured within minutes.  Pancake House is simply the “Everyone Happy” kind of restaurant—definitely a #BabyBarangay favorite. A shout out as well to Ford Motors BGC for helping us shuttle around BGC with our kids. Thanks again Kar, Trixie and your team for making this so memorable and enjoyable for our families!

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