Planet Grapes

If you’re looking to sprinkle a bit of sophistication to your barkada gimmicks but are intimidated by the swirls and sniffs of wine drinking, then let me introduce you to Planet Grapes. Just as their tagline says “Wine without THE DRAMA”, PLANET GRAPES is all about simply enjoying wine without having to be so pretentious about it. It’s a classy new hang out spot in Tuscany at Mckinley Hill, brought to you by the team behind Healthy Options and Wine Story. It’s open daily from 4pm to 11pm, which means you can drop by for happy hour or make it an after-dinner meet up place. 

To be completely honest, Patrick and I are sissies. We aren’t really heavy drinkers and prefer iced tea/fruit smoothies over hard drinks, but when it comes to food pairing—that’s when we appreciate WINE. Yes it’s still an alcoholic beverage but if it’s consumed in moderation with the intent to bring out flavors (as opposed to just getting plastered) in your food, then wine drinking can actually become a very enjoyable experience. 
Planet Grapes boasts of their new Enomatic machines which allows guests to enjoy different types of wines without having to purchase an entire bottle. “Enomatic® systems dispense wine directly from the bottle using revolutionary inert gas preservation. The flavors and characteristics of the wine remain intact for more than three weeks, as if the bottle had just been opened. With portion control technology, Enomatic® allows wine establishments to created extended wine by the glass or tasting menus which are enticing to customers and allow business to maximize servings while eliminating waste.” This is perfect for wine newbies, you can get a few sips of different wine variants before you finally find your match. You’re able to control your portions as well, allowing you to consume the wine in moderation. 

We were invited to their fun, star-studded launch party last week. It was hosted by eventologist, Tim Yap 🙂 It was very well attended and we learned so much about wines from different regions and wine pairing. Here are some pictures from the event.  Congratulations again to team PLANET G and Mr. Romy Sia 🙂
This sponsored  post is brought to you by Planet Grapes.

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