Post Baby Style Peg


So Theo turns 4 months on the 5th of November, so that means I’ve been in this odd transition phase (physically) for 4 months now. I lost the first 25 pounds immediately but it’s this last 10-15 pounds that just refuses to shed! Just yesterday, I decided to buy a pair of jeans because I was getting so frustrated not being able to fit into my pre-preggy jeans anymore. How I wish I could be svelte and slim instantly after pregnancy ala Blake Lively or Alessandra Ambrosia, but the reality is–it’s sooooo darn hard to get back into shape! Well, it’s really my fault too as I haven’t been exercising and eating healthily—I guess this whole working mom gig has got me just grappling each day. Whenever I have free time (which I tell you has been very rare), I use it to SLEEP or to catch up on Downton Abbey or TO EAT! Tsk tsk tsk. Hahahaha! I know that more than just for aesthetics, I really NEED to go back to a healthier and stronger version of myself because I need to be fit for my son! Hay! But it’s easier said than done. In the meantime, I don’t want to pressure myself with impossible pegs. I am embracing this new body of mine with all the battle scars from my CS and breast surgery, the wider frame, the softer love bits—and I want to work with this new body type and make the most out of it. I recently re-watched Blended on Netflix and I was so inspired by Drew Barrymore’s style. So cool, comfortable and still feminine! Each look works with her curvy frame and she looked fabulous in every shot! I think I can pull of this urban boho look too!:) 🙂 PEG!!!

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    • Oh it came off naturally. however, I did lose a lot of weight because of my hospitalization due to my infection and surgery 🙁 It was a really traumatic way to lose weight though!

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