Post Holiday Reunion


Welcoming the New Year with the Laurel, Bakker, Fernandez and Filart families 🙂 Nothing fancy, just a no fuss get together with our merged families. We had potluck, foosball, and our annual white elephant—where each person brings home a crappy gift! Hehehe! We had a ton of crappy gifts this year, all LOL worthy! Thank you Lord for the gift of family 🙂P1270635P1270637P1270598 P1270625P1270671P1270623 P1270672 P1270674 P1270683 P1270685 P1270692P1270626P1270649

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  1. I was gonna comment the same thing about your mom, plus her hair always looks parlor-styled! How does she do it?? It’s rare nowadays to see women her age look so put-together effortlessly 🙂

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