Power Up with Quaker Oats


The holidays are coming…and it’s coming real soon!!!! There’s definitely no escaping Christmas and that also means that there’s no escaping the gluttony that family reunions, office parties, and other barkada gatherings will bring. I love to eat and so Christmas is definitely the season for this foodie. There’s just something about Christmas that makes eating extra special and extra satisfying.

Since I’m anticipating the truck load of food to make it’s way into my belly, I’ve taken it upon myself to sort of prep my body for the crazy eating fest ahead. I’ve been adding at least 2-3 visits a week in the gym for some circuit training, “trying” to cut down on my intake of sweets (operative word is TRYING, hehehe! Not completely successful yet), and I’ve also injected more superfoods into my diet.

Since I’ve been working closely with Quaker Oats for the past months, I’ve been able to try their different variants for breakfast and even for merienda. As most of you already know (but need reminding), OATS is a proven Superfood. 1) It’s packed with good fiber, something you’ll definitely need to wash away all the toxins you’ll be taking in. 2) It’s HEART friendly and can actually POWER YOU UP because it’s a substantial source of ENERGY. If I know I have a long day of meetings, errands, and dinner with friends—I’ll usually have a bowl of Quaker Oats in the morning just to give me a good boost/  3) It’s can also help you shed off some unwanted pounds just in time for Christmas so you can finally slip into that slinky holiday ensemble you set aside. 4) One bowl of oatmeal is rich with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants! 5) It’s affordable and super easy to prepare! The perfect on-the-go meal that will keep you full til lunch time. 🙂 So before all the indulgence–make sure you do something KIND for your body! Happy Holidays!


This post is brought to you by Quaker Oats. 

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