Premium Economy of Singapore Airlines

My husband stands 6 feet flat. Unlike most 6 footers that are evenly distributed, his torso is much shorter thus giving him longer legs. I, on the other hand, have a longer torso and super stunted legs. Which explains why I look taller seated. I could sit next to Kelly and look the same height in a photo spread, but once asked to stand it’s a Kim and Khloe Kardashian situation instantly. Hahaha. Anyway, back to my giraffe of a husband. Because of his long legs, I’ve had to resort to paying a bit more extra for leg room on every long flight we book. Watching him crumpled in his seat for 10 hours is sheer agony, it’s just too painful to see him crammed in there for a long haul flight. What has worked for us in Economy is booking the bulk head seats, the exit rows that allow you to stretch a bit more. And if you fly in a new plane like the ones in Singapore Air, it’s already super comfortable. I actually flew Manila-Paris on Singapore Airlines when I was on my first trimester of pregnancy (with the doctor’s go signal of course!) and I slept like a baby! I remember visiting the toilet 13 times for that flight, yes, 13! Because I was pregnant peeing like crazy. The toilet was immaculate throughout the flight, which was such a huge plus for me. Their planes are all new, very clean and spacious!

Our most recent discovery has made Patrick even happier. We tried the Premium Economy seats of Singapore Airlines last week on our flight from Johannesburg to Singapore and it was 10 hours of comfort without having to shell out too much. It’s a happy in between, a good compromise between Business and Coach.

  1. The seats are wider than the ones in Economy, about 19.5 inches to be exact and with a deeper seat pitch of about 38 inches. You can recline for a full 8 inches too. The added calf and foot rest makes your legs relax more too.
  2. Your luggage will come out first! Yehey! Your bags will be tagged as “Priority” bags and will be given some extra TLC.
  3. You can even “Book the Cook” in advance and choose from their fancy-schmancy menu. Their food was really good—and I’m not exactly a fan of airplane food. Hehehe! You can even order a glass of champagne!
  4. Amazing entertainment system, I think Singapore Airline has one of the best systems up in the air. You can even charge your mobile devices with the built in USB port.
  5. The price point is closer to Economy, it’s a little extra that will definitely save you a lot of stress and discomfort. For those traveling with young babies, it would also be good to consider as you have a bit more privacy in the Premium Economy area.

So if you are going on a LOOOOOONG trip, you might want to consider the upgrade. Simply log on to their official website to check for flights with the Premium Economy seats 🙂 Here are more photos for you guys to see the difference. Bon Voyage!!!

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