Prep Time

What I love most about weddings is that it’s a big get together of all the people you love. It’s an opportunity for you to gather your closest friends and family members under one roof and just revel in their love. This wedding made me realize that 1) Our friends are SPOILERS, they’re the types of people who give 101% all the time. 2) Patrick and I enjoy being SPOILED! WE absolutely LOOOOVVE being the recipients of their affection and attention! From the sign posts, wedding cake, flower girl baskets, sandals, menu, table cards, etc—-all these little details were lovingly made by our friends. Others also chose to serve us by taking the stressful jobs from our plates: like Anne and Dre who took care of RSVPing each and every guest, Dip designed and monitored our online gift registry, Stella took charge of all the hair/makeup preps, Cy made a cool dance playlist and the list of people we need to thank goes on and on and on. Even the nitty-gritty-turned-into-pretty details like carpentry work and other props, Cecil and Bernice took care of all these things for us. I am this close to planning another wedding, just so we can experience being baby-ed by our friends again. Renewal of vows naman???Hahahaha!! 
We were also so blessed to have the most considerate and helpful entourage ever! I wanted to give the girls the freedom to choose their own dress styles, to be able to wear something that would suit their personality. I just handed them the fabric and they designed their own dresses. This saved me a lot of moolah and a lot of stress too! They all looked stunning and I am just so happy my girlfriends all have good taste! Hahaha!:)
For the boys, talagang ZERO stress! My sister&brother in law Mic and Paul bought pants for the guys on sale in the States. Sobrang laking tipid at masaya pa yung mga groomsmen namin sa kanilang slim fit gray pants (which they can now use even after the wedding!). The peg was Ryan Gosling in GQ and they all pulled it off within our budget! Well done, gentlemen! Hahaha!
It is possible to pull off a beautiful wedding with a tight budget—IF and only IF, you have a set of good and dependable friends!:) Patrick and I couldn’t have done this on our own! NO WAY, JOSE!  We were only able to execute all these little things because we had a whole baranggay of creative, innovative, and generous people backing us up. 
I woke up at 6AM on November 22 and started the morning with a prayer with Jam (Patrick’s work assistant who has become one of my close friends too). At around 9AM, my girlfriends Stella, Sheila and Lea came and each of them prayed for me—and that’s when the waterworks started. Magang-maga na mata ko buong umaga! Our preps were very simple and laid back—nothing too fancy to share but I wanted to post pictures anyway 🙂
Thanks so much to Rossel Taberna for sending her awesome The B LOUNGE team to do my entourage’s hair and makeup. They all looked so fresh and sweet 🙂
I’d like to thank Ella and Sheena of LA TERCERA for making these custom wedding robes for me and my entourage! My girls looked so beautiful even during prep time thanks to these classy and ultra feminine cover ups. These robes are perfect as thank you gifts for MOHs, bridesmaids, and even your secondary sponsors. For inquiries, just email your color pegs and ideas to 🙂
Here’s my dad’s first look of MOI in my wedding gown 🙂
On the other side of Hacienda Isabella, Patrick was camped out in isolation. We did cheat a bit and waved at each other from a distance. I missed him soooo much even if we were together for dinner just the night before! Hahaha! Drama ko diba!:) Here are some photos of Pat’s preps with his brothers Jonsy and Paul. 
Thank you Veejay Floresca for Patrick’s suit. Gray is a tricky color but he executed it so well. My husband looked so dapper and he survived the heat without sweating. Good job, Veej! Veejay even added this personalized embroidery inside the jacket! All together now—->AWWWWW!!!:) 🙂 🙂
I’ll be posting more photos soon! Thanks for sharing in my kiliiiiiiigggg 🙂

20 Responses to Prep Time

  1. everyone’s so gorgeous! i actually teared up when i saw your dad’s face looking at you 🙂 close ang peg and i dont even know you personally 🙂 so happy for the Pats! When’s the honeymoon? We want pictures too!!! :))


  2. when i did your entourage’s make up, i became an instant fan of yours! you were all so nice plus i didnt know you blog! you’re doin a great job! god bless you patty! *besos

  3. like a fairy tale! love the embroidery on your wedding robe and the embroidery patch on your hubby’s jacket! congrats again Mrs. Filart! Best wishes!~ 😀

  4. congratulations to you and patrick.i love the dressing robe idea for the entourage,and seriously thinking about it for my wedding.