Prime 101

Hey folks! I apologize for not updating as much for these past few weeks. Aside from the crazy holiday rush (which I’m sure you are all still recovering from too), all the newlywed errands and adjustments, the dishwashing and failed cooking attempts, entertaining house guests almost every night, and of course getting back to work—there has been so little time for me to blog. But I promise to get things in order asap so I can return to regular programming and be a good and diligent blogger again 🙂

One of the things I love about my part-time job as a mowwwwdel is that I get to experience new&different things each and every time. Though I’ve been doing this on the side for more than a decade (tanda ko na tsong!!!), I never grow tired of it. I thoroughly enjoy meeting new photographers, make up artists, editors, stylists, etc–on top of that I love visiting new places, wearing fancy clothes I would never have the money to buy in real life, and of course—-EATING in all these cool restaurants!!! For today’s “job”, I was asked to mowwwwdel for a Valentine special for a magazine—and the “job” was for me to EAT. Trabaho ba ang tawag diyan?!?!?! And, and, and!!! I got to do it with my second favorite person in the world–my first favorite is ME of course, I love myself!!! What’s not to love?!?!?! HMMM??? Hahaha!—my husband modeled with me too! NAKANANGGG FILART ISHHHA SUPER MALE ZOOLANDER!!!

PRIME 101 is definitely a place all lovebirds should check out. Gents, if you wanna impress that special lady friend of yours, this is it! It’s located along Chino Roces in Makati, just next to Don Bosco school. It’s a super exclusive restaurant that offers customized fine dining meals. You just select your  preferred meat (chicken, fish, pork, beef, scallops, etc) and their Chef will personally approach your table to come up with the perfect dish. If you’re craving for Korean, Japanese, French, Mediterranean, Filipino—you name it, they’ll do it!!! As long as they have the ingredients, the skies the limit for your meal. It really is a foodie heaven! The Chef whipped up a special dish for me—Jumbo Prawns with Foie Gras and Truffle Oil. HOMAYGAD. I wanted to marry those Prawns—kaya lang married na pala ako. Grrrrrr. 

6 Responses to Prime 101

  1. I’d never thought Prime 101 is super amazing! It’s just beside our office. Hope to try their food soon!

    Thanks Patty!