Project Mom

A few weeks ago, my girlfriends and I attended the big launch of PROJECT MOM. Project Mom is a book made with lots of love by two mommies: Amanda Griffin-Jacob and Bianca Araneta-Elizalde. Since Stella and Sheila are both busy working moms, this was something they definitely were looking forward to. And in all honesty, even if the tag “mom” is not even remotely near my name, I was still very excited about this book launch because I’ve always been a fan of Glamomama Amanda and her equally beautiful friend, Bianca! 
I finally found time over the holidays to start reading the book. I still have a few chapters to go but so far, so good!:) The tips are practical, straight-forward, and honest—but best of all, they have a very POSITIVE approach in explaining things. The general feeling you will get after each chapter is this: “Don’t worry, these things happen…but you can get through it and everything will be okay if you become proactive, so here’s how”. Unlike other pregnancy/birthing books that will scare the bajeebees out of you, this book encourages and builds up clueless and nervous moms to be and also gives new insight to experienced moms.  Both Amanda and Bianca come from very humble standpoints, expressing how they too have experienced many motherhood struggles in the past and how they’ve learned from their own experiences, advice from family and friends, tips from medical experts, and of course critical research along the way—which they generously pass on to their readers. Not to take away too much from your reading experience, when you read this book—you’ll feel like you have two sisters/girlfriends chatting with you in your own living room  ! Well, two very pretty girlfriends of course! Hahaha! We’re taking about Amanda and Bianca here—bombshell moms!
And more than the actual text, I need to congratulate them for coming up with beautifully laid out pages! This book definitely meets international standards with its crisp and glossy paper, beautiful photos, and clean layouts. This mommy manual is really a feast for your senses. They even have charts and figures to help you understand things in a more concrete way. And the strength of this book really is that it comes from a very local context—making it very relatable for Pinay moms and moms-to-be. They also have a directory in the book so you can easily access suppliers, companies, and medical experts that are in the country. The two girls did all the research leg work—so these are people/brands that are tried and tested already. 
On a more personal note, parenthood is something we’ve been praying and prepping for the most as a couple. After my operation, the doctor advised us to keep our baby-making plans on hold first to allow my womb to properly heal. At first, we were very bummed about the waiting as both Patrick and I were itching to start a new family already. I saw it as a big setback and for a time I was really cursing my “defective” body for it. Huhuhuhu. 

But now that I look back at the year that has passed, all the time Patrick and I spent to just get to know each other and develop a deeper friendship as husband and wife, I do know now that it was all part of God’s plan for us. Going back to that one statement that Patrick always says when things don’t go our way or pan out as planned—“Our idea of “BEST” is sometimes very far from God’s idea of “BEST” so when we pray for something, we should open our hearts to the possibility of GOD’s BEST and not depend on our own limited understanding of what is “good” or “ideal” for us. As Jeremiah 29: 11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
We’ve decided to set it aside first and spend a few more months just being us two. We have plans, yes, but we don’t want to obsess over it. Things will happen all in God’s time. And when that time comes, I will be armed with lots of helpful and happy mommy tips and tricks from PROJECT MOM! Wooopeeedooo!!! So for the moms and moms-to-be out there, do grab a copy at Fully Booked soon!

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