Project Pie

Who doesn’t LOVE pizza?!!? How is it even physically possible to not welcome PIZZA into your heart?!?! How can one grow up without an appreciation for PIZZA?!?! Tell me, Tell me?!?!  *Grabs you by the shoulders and shakes you* Ang dami ko talagang tanong! Hahaha! Well, if you find the usual pizza joint a bit boring and “been there, done that” already then why not create your own pizza??? Yep! This is what PROJECT PIE is all about. This DIY pizza concept is such a hit, it comes as no surprise to see the long lines at their Alabang branch during lunch and dinner time. Since my mom was in Vietnam at the time, Patrick and I spent the weekend with my dad in Alabang so he was adopted by the Filarts for a lunch at Project Pie.  We didn’t even bother to share pizzas, we all selfishly enjoyed a whole pizza on our own. 
If you’re not in the mood to plot out a pizza from scratch, don’t worry because they already have a list of tried-and-tested combos that could suit your mood for the day. But of course, it’s MORE fun to create something that’s custom built just for you. They have a whole array of different toppings to choose from—different types of cheese, meats like pepperoni, prosciutto, sausage, bacon, chicken, anchovies, veggies, mushrooms, chilis, etc. It gets overwhelming at first but once you find the perfect combo—it can get quite addicting! At dahil ikaw ang gumawa, walang sisihan! Hahaha! 🙂 
And you can also have dessert pizzas!!! YES!!! 
I loved their Strawberry Mango Nutella pizza 🙂 🙂 
The kids were happy, the senior citizens were happy, and the in betweens were happy too!!! We all loved our pizzas 🙂 I now understand why this has become such a big hit for families. It’s an everybody wins kind of place!
Happy Tummies!!! Thanks again so much to PROJECT PIE Alabang for stuffing our bellies with your yummy pizzas! We will back again..and again..and again!!!:) To all my South friends, visit Project Pie now (just across Acacia Hotel!). 

2 Responses to Project Pie

  1. Yes Patty! 🙂 I agree with you, 100% . haha. We’ve tried Project Pie last March 9. Definitely yummy and creative! I love their pizzas, both their own recipe and buit your own pizzas.

    Wala ngang sisihan. Hahaha. When we mixed all kinds of cheese, the taste is not that good.. Still we ate it. Next time, I know what to do. I even brought copies of that brown paper/cardboard of their menu. I encircled the ingredients that i would like to be on my pizza the next time we’ll visit Project Pie.

    I love their Pepperoni Pizza!!! 🙂

  2. Love Project Pie too! But the second time I went (near MoA area), they forgot my pesto. I wish we could just check the toppings off from a list to avoid confusion and requesting for duplicates.