Proud to be BLUE

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Last weekend, Patrick spoke about HUMILITY for our CS session. And of course, he couldn’t stop himself from mentioning my BLUE SCHOOL PRIDE. He joked, “You’ll never ever meet an Atenean who does NOT think that THE ARNEOW is the BEST school..not only in Metro Manila, not only in the Philippines, but in the WORLD! And not only the BEST school of this year, not only of the century, but OF ALL TIME! Hahaha!” As a rebuttal all I could dig up was “Hmph! Inggit ka lang dahil Champion ulit kami!”. WEAK, I know. 

I guess to explain my love for Ateneo, I’ve come up with a simple analogy that fellow die hard Eagle, Jiggy Cruz and I discussed a few weeks ago. Our crazy-stupid-love for Ateneo is not a YABANG issue (okay, for some it is..maraming mayabang na Atenista, totoo. Tsk tsk tsk) but generally, we don’t say it to gloat. We just love our school, period. It’s like a husband who is so madly in love with his wife. When he says “My wife is the BEST wife ever!” it is true in his heart and in his mind. He doesn’t say it to put down your wife or to belittle the wife of your best friend’s neighbor’s cousin. Sure, you could say that HEIDI KLUM is ten times hotter than his chubby wife, but HIS statement still rings true FOR HIM and there’s no way you can argue with that. Kakantahan ko nalang yung Ateneo ng “Beautiful schools, all over the world…I could be chasing, but my time would be wasting..they’ve got nothing on YOU baby! No-no-nothing on YOUUUU!!!”

So with that said, I LOVE YOU ATENEO!!!! You’re the BEST school ever!!! Congratulations!! 4 PEAT UAAP CHAMPION!!!  It’s such a shame that I wasn’t able to join the bonfire this year, but in my heart I was celebrating with the rest of the Atenean community! It feels so great to cheer for a school I love and a team that I believe in! Kiefer Ravena for President! Slaughter for Senator! They can box out poverty…one big fight against corruption…step up on education…and slam dunk the economy! Mwahahaha! Gooooo BLO EGOLZZZZ! One Big Fight!!! Question, if there’s one big fight..are there many little fights??? Kung meron, san nagaganap ang mga maliliit na away na ito? How come I WAS NOT INFORMED?!

Cheering for our school back in college

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  1. This is the first time that I missed the bonfire. Every year I was hoping to see you and have my pic taken with you. HAHAHA fangirl!!! 🙂