Pursuit Manila


A few weekends back I was FINALLY able to attend my very first Pursuit Manila gathering! Woohooo!!! I just want to say thank you to Sheila, Rhiza and the rest of the Pursuit Manila team for working so hard to put each gathering together. You girls are proof that serving the Lord should never be mediocre—that it should always be excellent! And by “excellent” I don’t mean perfect, expensive or lavish—I mean excellent in giving your best to honor God in whatever way you possibly can 🙂 Rica was the speaker on that day and her words really moved me that afternoon. I came home feeling sooooo loved up and grateful for the many things God has blessed me with. Please visit www.ricaperalejo.ph to get more inspiration 🙂 Thanks to the Catilos for the photos!!! Ang gandaaaaa!20151108_002220151108_0222 20151108_003420151108_0209 20151108_0050 20151108_009620151108_030220151108_0232 20151108_012620151108_013620151108_0257 20151108_0268

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  1. Patty! Feeling ko matagal na tayo magkakilala, hindi pa pala! haha. I guess coz I’m seeing you around but we were never really introduced. 🙂 But sooo good to finally meet you! Thanks for coming to the Pursuit Manila gathering!

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