Quick ‘N Easy

So, do you have any plans for AUGUST 3…say around 11-1130AM??? I have a suggestion…why not support dear old me?! BECAUSE I WILL BE A GUEST ON ANNE CURTIS’ NEW COOKING SHOW on Abs Cbn!!!!!! I was trying to keep this a secret but when you have Anne Curtis sitting right smack in the center of that secret—that secret becomes nearly impossible to keep. The secret was looking at me with that “You know you want to blog about me…you know you want to!” Ang landi ng secret na ‘to! Iba ka! So I just had to announce it to the world, especially to you my dear readers! Alam kong makikilig din kayo for me, diba?? 🙂 🙂 Fist bump! Yeah Yeah Yeah! Although I try to avoid accepting work gigs on Sundays, this was too cool to say NO to. So we traveled all the way to the ends of the earth  Quezon City to shoot for the Annebisyosa sa Kusina show last Sunday.
Anne’s show revolves around the Del Monte Quick N Easy line and app. As the name suggests, the recipes are not at all intimidating. If you download the app via Android or iTunes, you just simply click on the recipe you like and you’ll see the ingredients list and step by step procedures (with pictures pa!!! Hallelujah for newbie cooks like me! At least you’ll have a reference to compare with). And because the app was developed especially for Pinoy home cooks, the ingredients are all available in your local supermarket or palengke. Just to keep the suspense (after all, binuking ko na nga yung “surprise”) I won’t be sharing the recipe here—you’ll just have to watch on Aug 3 to find out what Anne and I prepared using the Quick N Easy app.
Ok, so this will sound totally fangirl-y (and you know I get starstruck very easily—remember my experience with Heart last April??? Face Palm!) but Anne is not only very beautiful, she is also such a genuinely nice person. I honestly was just giddy to be in the same room as her, that in itself was a happy moment for me. So when she actually took the time to engage in a decent conversation with me and Patrick in between takes, I was so appreciative of her kindness. And she even gamely took a photo with MaiMai (our favorite cleaning lady who comes in from time to time when I need major cleaning help and who happens to be a big Anne Curtis fan). For such a BIG TIME celebrity, it was so refreshing to see how down to earth she was. So kids—-uso pa rin ang mabait at mapagkumbaba, being a diva is so 1995. Take note. Hahahaha!
To the Del Monte family, thank you again so much for this once in a lifetime experience! I just downloaded the app today and I’m ready to be the next Annebisyosa sa Kusina. On a personal note, I have been struggling in the kitchen for months—it was really my waterloo and my source of frustration but thanks to my husband’s encouragement (and pagtitiis sa mga failed attempts ko!) and lots of practice, I’m slowly finding my groove in the kitchen.  I’m glad Del Monte has come up with a show like this to inspire women (and men too!) like me who need a little gentle push in the cooking department. 🙂

6 Responses to Quick ‘N Easy

  1. oh yes, I got kilig too just by reading and seeing the pictures! will definitely download the app! thanks for sharing patty! :-*

  2. So happy for you, Patty!!! 🙂 I am struggling in the kitchen too!!! Living in London is so much fun but everyday, I am faced with this big question: What shall I cook today?!?! And whenever the dear boyfriend visits, I panic!!! Good thing he is very much like Pat…encouraging and kayang pilitin ang sarili ubusin ang niluto ko! hahaha cheers to being the next Annebisyosa sa Kusina! Post the episode once aired! 🙂


  3. WOW!!! This will be a great birthday treat for me, watching my 2 favorite ladies together in one show! Wow!!! Super excited!!!