Quickie Trip with my Girlaloos

Just got back from my Bohol Bacholerette getaway with my gradeschool besties, Sheila and Stella. It was a welcome vacay for the three of us..coincidentally we’ve been dealing with a lot of stress in our own respective lives, so this holiday was truly an answered prayer! It’s just amazing how God surprises you when you least expect it (and when you need it the most!!!). We stayed in the luxurious Peacock Garden and got pampered silly by our friends from Pevonia Botanica. I will be blogging about all this soon 🙂 It was so much fun catching up with my girlaloos, you can read Stella’s blog post here!
This trip was exactly what I needed especially at this very important time in my life. I felt like God gave me this vacay as a last hurrah in preparation for my life as a new wife. Admittedly I am the “baby” in the group, always the one asking for advice and tips from the two wives/mothers who have been so generous with their answers. We stayed up til 2AM just sharing life stories and instead of feeling anxious, I felt excited to be married! Don’t get me wrong, these two aren’t just happy go lucky folks, they have had their share of trials and tribulations. Listening to all the things they had to go through made me realize how TOUGH and determined they both are..and inspired me to be my own Xena Warrior Princess also. 
Like Stella mentioned in her blog post, one of the highlights of this trip was when we decided to pray for one another on our way to the airport. As they enumerated the things they would like to lift up in prayer, I was so happy because it was a testament of how much we value each other and how much we truly care for one another. When you hear your friends pray for you out loud, it’s the most wonderful gift one can receive. You get goosebumps! One of my bffs and sister in law Cecil, also prays with me and for me–and as sisters this has made us even closer. Ang sarap lang talaga ng feeling! It was never forced but my friendship with Stella and Sheila rekindled because of PRAYER. I knew these two practically ALL my life, but because life led us to different paths–although we were in touch, we weren’t seeing each other as often as we wanted to. It was only about two years ago, when I was going through a very difficult time in my life, that I just missed them all of a sudden. I sent a text to Stella and Sheila to ask for prayers. I was heartbroken and depressed so asking for prayers seemed like the generic thing to do when you’re in the dumps. But Stella and Sheila took my request seriously and really PRAYED for me. They both checked up on me persistently and took the time to send me emails and texts with specific things they prayed for. They prayed for my heart to be healed, they prayed for me to regain my balance, and of course they prayed for a worthy partner who would make me happy. All these prayers were answered in time! When you’re not in a good place in your life and you feel so numb, it’s great to have your friends knocking on heaven’s door for you..and boy, did these two knock! Hahaha 🙂 In the same way, I “knock” for these two everyday as well. And I pray for my other friends also. I’m not really the religious type and I’m not affiliated with any religious org—sometimes institutions fail, but I still believe in PEOPLE. And prayer is where the true hearts of people shine. 
I had so much fun (too much fun in fact as evidenced in my weight gain!) with these two! We spent the three days giggling, eating, and spa-ing which is really a dream vacay if you ask me. But we all desperately missed our husbands (uyyy, nakikisama na ako!) and they missed their little ones too. Kung gaano kami kakilig to get on the plane to Bohol–mas doble ang kilig namin sa paguwi namin sa Manila. It was so nice to see all three of us scrambling to switch on our phones upon touchdown just to ask our boys to pick us up. I’m truly blessed by their marriages and it’s my prayer that as Patrick and I get married, we will be able to bless others too in the same way. Thank God for my girlaloos and their boylaloos! Looking forward to our next trip together!:)

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