2 Responses to Quote for Me&Cooking

  1. Patty! I feel ya! I remembered that one time I had to Google how to make soft-boiled eggs & I had my phone near the stove for instructions 😛 I served Pong soft-boiled eggs on weekends after that. Hahaha. Now I would rely on Pamapanga’s best and the rice cooker for instant meals. I just need to flick my spatula the way I would during my bahay-bahayan years and tadaaahh…I have a meal! I once massacred a pancake & lots of eggs *le sigh*. I finally learned how to prepare instant noodles without using the microwave. Lol. Hopefully, one day, I can cook a decent & presentable meal. Hahaha. Meanwhile, if all else fails, there’s always easy-to-prepare kani salad 😉