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I love Miranda Kerr. And so when she and Orlando broke up a few weeks ago, I was devastated. I thought it was a bad dream and I was just waiting for someone to pinch me. Sobrang affected talaga ako—kahit di nila ako kilala!!! “Who’s this random Filipina crying in Metro Manila about our breakup?!?!” Hahahaha 🙂 Well, even if she’s now Orlando-less, I still look up to her as a health and beauty icon. She has this all-natural glow that’s just so appealing and although I’ll never be naturally slim like her (curvy girls can I get a HOLLER back!?), I do appreciate her healthy and well rounded lifestyle. I’m still a bit of a junkie and I love to EAT EAT EAT, but I guess it won’t hurt to adopt these little changes in my daily routine. Check out her green smoothie recipe below 🙂

While researching for local suppliers of these organic and raw ingredients, I stumbled across the Healthy Grocery website. I was thrilled to see a wide range of all-natural items and the hallelujah moment came when I saw that the prices were all very affordable. Since you just need a few teaspoons per serving, these packs will last you for weeks. I tried 4 Superfoods: MACA, CHLORELLA,CACAO NIBS, and GOJI BERRIES—all raw and 100% organic from The Healthy Grocery. 

100% Organic RAW MACA
I’ve heard so much about this SUPERFOOD from both old and young people. Many of my athlete friends swear by this product and use it for all their post workout smoothies. Although you can try drinking it with water, I personally like to mix it in my morning orange  or apple juice. I mix in 1.5 teaspoon into a whole glass of juice 🙂 This is perfect for women like me who have horrible PMS symptoms (menstrual cramps, mood swings, etc) because it balances your hormones. And for the husbands and wives out there—this also increases your libido (oh yeah!!!). 

1. Energy and stamina
2. Libido stimulation and enhancement
3. Holistic rejuvenation
4. Adrenal restoration and hormonal balance
5. Treatment of depression and anemia
6. Memory improvement
7. Easing of pms and menopausal symptoms
8. Treatment of chronic fatigue 

I am obsessed with Goji Berries! Like Miranda (yes close!), I always have Dark Chocolate Goji Berries as a midnight snack. Goji Berries on its own has quite an interesting taste and you can definitely mix them in your salads and cereals too. 


1. General energy tonic
2. Nourishes the liver and kidneys
3. Improves eyesight and night vision
4. Combats chronic fatigue
5. Nourishes the blood
6. Lowers blood cholesterol
7. Effective against insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
8. Anti inflammatory
9. Anti cancer
10. High in antioxidants
11. Prevents; alzheimer, parkinson, lumbago, vertigo
12. Boosts the immune system
13. Protects the prostate
14. Colon cleansing
15. Very high content of beta carotene
16. Helps maintain mental clarity
17. Helps promote a positive mood
18. Nutrient synergizing

100% Organic RAW CACAO NIBS
For the chocoholics out there, here’s a healthier alternative. Of course, it’s not as sweet as your traditional chocolate bar—it still has that distinct choco flavor that will satisfy your cravings. It feels a bit more “rough” of course but eventually you get used to it. I get a few scoops of these nibs, add some goji berries, and almonds and voila!!! You can also come up with your own trail mix and sprinkle some cacao nibs for some natural sweetness.

1. Relaxes muscles and the mind after strenuous activities
2. Helps promote a balanced and positive mood
3. Heroic energy!
4. Improves heart and brain function
5. High in anti-oxidants
6. Promotes positivity and happiness
7. Min and body focusing
8. Sweetened with coconut sugar

100% Organic RAW CHLORELLA
Ok, I’ll be honest. If you take this alone it sure tastes a bit—funny 🙂 Hehehe! It tastes very plant-like (I couldn’t think of any other description!).  But when you mix it with your fruits and vegetables and blend properly, the taste soon gets overpowered by all the other flavors and becomes tolerable. But when you look at the list of benefits, you just know you have to include this in your daily diet! Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley swear by this green Superfood.


1. An intensive whole body detox
2. Immune system boosting
3. Highly energizing
4. Blood building
5. Immune system boosting
6. Helps maintain mental clarity
7. Helps promote a positive mood
8. High in probiotics which help in digestion
9. Increased recovery time
10. Improved and increased recovery in children and young adults
11. Increased height in children and young adults

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  1. don’t worry ms. patty, you are not alone in your “grief” when miranda and orlando broke up. in fact, when i read up the news, i remember VS show i’ve seen and orlando did a standing ovation while clapping crazily when it was miranda’s turn at the catwalk. i mean, how could a sweet couple like that broke up???? it’s so terrible. hehe, affected lang talaga.