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Hey folks! For this week’s Wedding Wednesday, it’s time for us to check out some practical tips about GIFT REGISTRIES. I’ve been on both sides of the fence, as both a clueless gift giver and now as a hopeful recipient. It’s tricky working with registries but if you get the hang of it, it can really prove to be a life saver! For guests, it narrows down your options and gives you that comfort of knowing that what you’re getting is something that the couple really wants. It puts your hard-earned money to good use! As a recipient, having a registry gives you an opportunity to actually amass the items you’ve always been drooling over! Speaking of drooling, my heart always skips a beat when I hear the word MUJI. Hayyy, kiligggg. The folks at Muji were kind enough to share some tips with me via email, so I thought it would be nice to share it with you all today!

As registrants:
1) Review your lifestyle. This will help you assess your needs and your future living situation as a couple. You may want to bring your own oven toaster and his protein-shake blender when you move into your first humble abode. This way, you can identify the items that you will include in your registry wisely. Choose the items that you want and will surely use.

Remember that your lifestyle may not suddenly change after the ceremony. It takes time to get a hang of a new routine, so restrain yourself from the impulse decision to take cooking lessons if you are unsure whether you have the time to spend in the kitchen and use your new tools.

2) Housekeeping tools are valuable. Oftentimes, couples are caught up with the idea that furniture and kitchenware should top their wish lists. Never neglect the importance of housekeeping tools. Include a sturdy sweeper, an absorbent mop, a combo of pail and dipper, ironing board, storage bins, hangers and more. They may not be fancy gift preferences, but they are the basic and most functional items you could choose. As your weapons against dirt, dust and grime, they still deserve attention and value to serve you for a long time.

3) Think about your guests. Proper registry etiquette encourages early registration to give your guests time to find, decide and shop gifts for you so you may also update or revise your wish list with small details. Your guests are willing to help you start your married life the right away but avoid being too presumptuous. Try to select various items with different price points. Keep in mind that your guests will also work on a certain budget for you, so it’s important that your gift wish list has a wide price range for them to choose from.

Do not forget to send thank-you notes upon receiving the gifts. To free you from rushed, after-wedding duties, make sure you send them a few days after delivery. Do not wait for the wedding to finish before you and your partner begin to recall who gave which item. However, do not open them yet until after the event.

As guests:

1) Be open to gift suggestions. The wish list is your guide on what the couple needs and prefers. This actually spares you the trouble of worrying whether your gift will be appropriate, useful and appreciated. Buying something off the list is not obligatory. It should be a reference of what the couple wants to receive. You may explore other gift ideas and play with a more creative presentation or add a personal touch to make the gift more meaningful.

2) Remember that it’s the thought that counts. Whether you are going to save or splurge, the value of the item on the list should not be a concern. These items have been pre-selected already. Therefore, they will surely land in the hands of happy and appreciative owners.

3) Be informed. Ask the registry specialists for more details about the registrant’s wish list and the registry mechanics. Watch out for current promos and discount perks that come with the registry. Also, you may want to clarify delivery and shipping charges if you don’t want to worry about forgetting your gift at home. While gift wrapping appears to be a perk, some stores charge a little extra for packaging, so do not hesitate to ask for these minute information.

Creating a gift registry is no longer a wedding trend. It has become a necessity to rid the couple additional stress of starting anew and furnishing their future home. It serves as a bridge between the couple and their guests to make gift-giving an easy and no-fail experience. This lessens the stress for both parties plus it saves time in making wedding plans and decisions. The entire experience has to be enjoyable and pleasant to everyone.

After all, the wedding marks the beginning of a happy ending.

This October, Japanese lifestyle brand MUJI officially launches its Gift Registry service to create and celebrate memorable moments with its customers. Individuals and couples can sign up and select Muji items that they wish to receive from their guests. This service eliminates worries and jitters from planning an event while removing the stress for the guests to think of gifts to give. The Muji Gift Registry ensures that what your family and friends will receive are gifts that they would find useful, functional and of course, appreciated. 

Visit any Muji store to avail of this new service. Upon registration and gift selection, customers are entitled to receive announcement cards that they may insert in their guests’ invitations. Muji also offers a 10% discount on selected Household items and Luggage for the guests who will buy the items included in their friend’s wish list. 

Text and Images from MUJI Philippines.

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