Review: EMK Skin Care

Hey folks! As you can tell, I’m not much of a beauty blogger. I leave all the beauty talk to my good friends Kelly and Cat, former beauty columnists who know everything and anything BEAUTY. But from time to time, I like sharing my little beauty discoveries on the blog. I got a package from the folks at EMK Skin Care and happily tested their products for a month. So here’s a quick review of the items I used from this Beverly Hills based company.

This tiny pot of gold is not only gorgeous, it’s an actual hard worker. I used this on my undereye and immediately after 12 days, I noticed the puffiness decreasing. It also helps brighten the skin around your eyes giving you the illusion of having a full 8 hour slumber (even if you just had 4 hours! mamas can relate!!!). You just need a few dots around the eyes and it’ll be more than enough to have you covered for the day!

The Optima Face Cream is a celebrity favorite because of the promise of youth that it brings. With it’s plumping power, this moisturizer can turn back time for those who are starting to see signs of aging. This can be applied on your face and neck—but don’t stop there! Apply a generous amount on your décolletage to look young all over. It’s Paraben and Lanolin FREE, so you get the moisture without the toxic residue. This means it’s great even for preggy ladies who are trying to steer clear of harmful chemicals. This works best if you layer a good amount of the Guard Sunscreen before applying your makeup. I suggest letting the Optima Face Cream rest for a good 2-3 minutes, allow it to melt into your face first before applying your Sunscreen. For those who are traveling to colder countries this year, be sure to pack this cream and save your skin from chapping!

A lot of people are too consumed with anti-aging for the face that they often forget—the hands!!! Yes, your hard working hands go through a lot of daily stress and rigors, you should treat it with some tender loving care as well. I brought this Lumina Hand Treatment along with me to Germany and it saved me from winter burn. I slathered it generously after each hand wash and shower and it kept my hands sweet and supple all week long even in negative degree weather.

I love that most, if not all, the products of EMK are formulated with placenta and other active ingredients that do not cause any side effects. Most products are lanolin, paraben, and even fragrance free—giving you only the purest skincare experience possible. Visit them on Facebook HERE.

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